The Indian Sufi Jamali was very fond of travelling and embarked on long journeys. He was a famed poet who was even known in Herat. (my wordprocessor is changing Herat into heart…!). After visiting Mecca and Medina Jamali visited the Maghrib, the Yemen, Palestine, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and even Sri Lanka to see the footprint of Adam.

It is said that he travelled in the same manner as a qalandar, and with the dust of his travels on him he arrived in Herat and visited the famous Jami. He sat down next to him. Jami was rather annoyed and asked him what was the difference between him and an ass. Jamali then answered by pointing out the distance between them. This witty reply was appreciated by Jami who then asked where his home was. He was told by Jamali that he came from Delhi.

“Do you know any poetry of Jamali” – was the next question and Jamali made up these lines:

My body is smeared
With the dust of Your street.

Then Jami realised that he was talking to Jamali himself!