The parcel

Some time ago I ordered a book of Ibn al-‘Arabi by writing to the publisher. The book had to come from abroad so I calculated the time I had to wait. When the arrival time came near I really was on the lookout for the book, very eager for its arrival by post.

Then, when coming home from work, I found a message telling me that the postman tried to deliver a parcel, but was not able to do so because of nobody being home. However the same evening the parcel would be offered again.

In the evening the great moment came. A van stopped in front of my house and the postman with his parcel walked towards my door. There was no need to ring as I opened the door quite quickly and received the parcel.

It was not easy to open the parcel, probably because I was too eager to do so, but at last I succeeded and cast a look at its contents: the parcel only contained two doorknobs…