Shah Jahan’s humility


While resting one summer’s day during the heat of the noon hour, the great Mogul king, Shah Jahan, was suddenly overcome with thirst. He clapped his hands for a servant to bring him water, but none of the palace servants happened to be nearby. Rising from his couch, he looked in the water jug that was always kept in his chamber. It was empty.

“Water I must have,” said the king, “and that at once. And the only way to get it now is to go to the well and draw it up myself”.

Leaving his royal chamber, he went to the well and drew up a bucket filled with fresh, cold water. But as he leaned forward to draw the bucket to him, his hand got caught in the crank of the wheel. The pain was sudden and severe, and the great king cried aloud in his agony. But, then, recollecting himself, he bowed before the Lord and said:

“O, Beloved Lord, I thank You from the bottom of my heart for this experience. I am such a stupid fool that I do not even know how to take water from a well. Yet, through Your inscrutable grace, You have made me a king”.