Mr Boulard

Mr. Boulard collected books and he did so with passion. When he expired on the 6th of May in 1825 he left about six hundred thousand books. Their sale caused a sharp decline in the price of books. For a couple of years second-hand books only got half their normal prices in Paris.
Mr. Boulard has been very ill a few years before his death. It was because of his wife forbidding him to buy more books. His condition quickly deteriorated, he had to stay in bed all the time and he was very depressed.

One day Mrs. Boulard opened the window in the bedroom of the patient and a little later a voice was heard of a man who sold books: “Beautiful second-hand books for sale!” Mr. Boulard wanted to go down and his wife relented and surprisingly quick for such an ill man he went down the stairs and he bought all the books

Mr. Boulard quickly recovered and the nice thing was that Mrs. Boulard had hired the salesman on the street. She had arranged him to come and offer books for sale in front of their house.