Dervish ‘Abdullah meditating near the river


Dervish ‘Abdullah is sitting in meditation by the banks of the Ganges river. He reads it like a book that tells him of the river’s nature, its hidden depths, its movements… He observes a log floating in the stream, lines and circles in the water, as well as a certain colour of the sun reflected in the Ganges.

The dervish watches the leaves: some are floating placidly along and make no effort to resist the current. They are taken towards the Ocean. Other leaves are throwing themselves wildly in the turmoil and get ultimately thrown against the banks and remain there, rotting in the sun.

Dervish ‘Abdullah says:

“The people with inward peace don’t resist the nature of the river. The path of serenity leads to return to the Ocean, while those who step aside therefrom are taken to the Waters of Unrest.”