Dervish ‘Abdullah and the Philosopher’s Stone

Dervish ‘Abdullah took a short walk with a certain turning point in view. But despite the intended goal of his walk, he accidentally took another route. When realizing that, he thought of returning but then decided that he could reach the turning point by using the path taken.

His revised walk took him through a relatively unknown part of his village. This is why he noticed that people had attached a case of books at eye height next to the gate of their garden, intending that books could be taken away freely by anyone interested in them.

One of these books contained the title The Philosopher’s Stone. The Sufis call this ‘stone’ the Perplexing Jewel, so he considered taking the book. Dervish ‘Abdullah decided against it for the moment as it would be easier to carry the book when returning to the Sufi khanegah.

After reaching the turning point, he took the same route back. Dervish ‘Abdullah reached the spot with The Philosopher’s Stone in about 15 minutes. You’ll guess what happened! The book was gone. What was truly perplexing, however, was that not only the book was gone but the complete bookcase was gone as if it never existed.