Sufi concept: Thursday – Prophet Moses


Shaykh Ibn al-‘Arabi tells us, that for every day there is a prophet from among the prophets, from whom descends a secret upon the heart of the verifying witness, a secret in which you takes delight during your day and by which you know something of that which requires to be known. This only happens to those who possess a heart.

Day 5: Thursday
If your day is Thursday, then Moses is your companion: for the covering is quite lifted away and you are addressed in the manner of an unveiling, not by any man or fire; and indeed the angel rejoiced while the devil withdrew.

On Thursday it is Moses who addresses you with a secret by which you come to know the religious prescriptions and the mysteries of intimate conversations.


Arabic: al-khamîs
Divine attribute: Power
Prophet: Moses
Planet (Arabic): al-mushtarî
Planet: Jupiter
Creating divine name: al-‘Alîm
Prayer: Zuhr
Constellation (Arabic): Sirfa
Constellation: Virginis
Heaven: Sixth
Earthly region: Second
Arabic letter: Dâd.


The motion of Thursday came into existence from the divine attribute of power, i.e al-qudra, so there is no part of existence, but that it has been enabled to praise the One Who gave it existence.

Jupiter, al-mushtarî, is in the sixth heaven from the Earth and it and its sphere were brought into existence through the self-disclosure of the divine name the All-Knowing, al-‘Alîm. God created this heaven, its planet, the fifth day and the letter dâd in the lunar manson of the constellation Sirfa, which is the 12 th station of the 28 Moon stations. He made it a place for the prophet Moses.