Sufi concept: Saturday – Prophet Abraham


Shaykh Ibn al-‘Arabi tells us, that for every day there is a prophet from among the prophets, from whom descends a secret upon the heart of the verifying witness, a secret in which you takes delight during your day and by which you know something of that which requires to be known. This only happens to those who possess a heart.

Day 7: Saturday
If your day is Saturday, then it is Abraham, so hasten to the honouring of your guest before he vanishes. On Saturday it is Abraham who addresses you with a secret whereby you come to know how to deal with enemies and when they are to be fought against, and this is the presence of the substitutes (abdâl).


Arabic: as-sabt
Divine attribute: Speaking (kalâm)
Prophet: Abraham
Planet (Arabic): kaywân
Planet: Saturn
Creating divine name: ar-Rabb
Prayer: Maghrib (sunset)
Constellation (Arabic): Khirtân
Constellation: Mane
Heaven: Seventh
Earthly region: First
Arabic letter: Yâ’


The motion of Saturday was created from the divine attribute of speaking (kalâm), so everything in the existence glorifies in thanks of its Creator, but we don’t understand their glorification.

Saturn (kaywân) is in the 7 th sphere from the earth, and this heaven was created by the self-disclosure of the divine name ar-Rabb, the Lord. God created this heaven, its planet and the ‘Day of Rest’ (as-sabt), i.e. Saturday, in the lunar mansion of the constellation khirtân (also called az-Zabra) and it is in the 11 th mansion of the 28 Moon mansions. He made it a dwelling place for the prophet Abraham.

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