Sufi concept: Monday – Prophet Adam

Shaykh Ibn al-‘Arabi tells us, that for every day there is a prophet from among the prophets, from whom descends a secret upon the heart of the verifying witness, a secret in which you takes delight during your day and by which you know something of that which requires to be known. This only happens to those who possess a heart.

Day 2: Monday
If your day is Monday, then Adam is your companion in the interval of the two worlds. On Monday it is Adam who addresses you with a secret by which you come to know the reasons why the stations wax or wane.


Arabic: al-ithnayn
Divine attribute: Living
Prophet: Adam
Planet (Arabic): al-qamar
Planet: Moon
Creating divine name: al-Mubîn
Prayer: Ma’mûm
Constellation (Arabic): Iklîl
Constellation: Corona
Heaven: First
Earthly region: Seventh
Arabic letter: Dâl.


The motion of Monday was created from the divine attribute of the Living One (al-Hayy) and through it life was in the world, so everything in the world start to become living on Monday. The Moon is in the first celestial sphere above the Earth. The divine name the Clarifying One, al-Mubîn, was intent on bringing into existence this lowest heaven and its planet, the Moon, on the second day of creation in the lunar mansion of Iklîl, the Crown, which is the 17th station of the 28 lunar stations, and the letter dâl is from the motion of this orb.

The Moon is the fastest moving planet in the heavens, moving to a lunar mansion every day, so it goes through all 28 lunar mansions in its “day”, which equals 28 Earth days. From this motion the 28 letters of the alphabet are created, regardless of how they are written or spoken in different languages.

God made this first heaven the place for the first prophet Adam, since he is the first manifestation of the perfect human being.