Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 25


Biyaa dar bazm-e-u adnaa yake harf ze man be-shnaw
Wa zaan asraar-e-maa wahi yake tarz-e-sokhan be-shnaw

Come closer to His assembly and listen to my words!
Listen to my secrets and be inspired by my manner of speaking!

Agar asraar-e-wahdat raa ze man baawar nami-daari
To gush-e-hosh-e-khud be-koshaai o bikaam o dahan be-shnaw

If you don’t believe in my words about the mysteries of existence,
Open your ears and listen in complete silence to your innermost consciousness!

Bar afgan nur o zolmat raa ze rah bardaar kasrat raa
Pas aangah serr-e-wahdat raa to ham az khishtan be-shnaw

Remove from your path all diversity and duality between darkness and light,
And then also listen to what your higher self tells you about the mystery of unity!

Niyaaz-e-‘aasheqaan o naaz-e-ma’shuqaan che mi-porsi
Zabaan chun susan-e-gongast az morgh-e-chaman be-shnaw

Why are you asking me about the wishes of the lovers and the coquetry of the Beloved?
My tongue is unable to speak about this, it is dumb, so listen to the nightingale in the garden!

Gahe kaz shawq mi-naalam khabar kai daaram az ’aalam
Rokhe bar khaak mi-maalam ke ai jaan dard-e-tan be-shnaw

How can I be aware of this world when my love is so intense that I start crying?
O my soul, listen, as I am rubbing my face in the dust with pain in my body!

Jawaabi mi-rasad har dam ba-gush-e-man az aan ‘aalam
Ke man raaz-e-to be-shanidam to aknun raaz-e-man be-shnaw

The personal answer that I’m continually receiving from the other world is this:
I have listened to your secrets; now listen to My secrets!

Mo’in dar kash mai-ye-baaqi bana lab bar lab-e-saaqi
Pas aanga dard-e-moshtaaqi az aan khub-e-khotan be-shnaw

Mo’in drink the remaining wine and press your lips against the lips of the saqi
And then listen to the pain of longing expressed by that beauty from the Orient!