Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 24


Maraa ay saaqi-ye-wahdat be-daadi jor’ahaa zaan mai
Ke har dam az hayaahuyash bar ayad az del-am hai hai

The Saqi provides me with cups filled with the wine of unity,
So that with every breath my heart keeps on shouting ‘He is!’ ‘He is!’

Magu ai khom che mi-jushi chu mai-ye-dardi to mi-rezi
Magu ai nai che mi-naali chu ham khud mi-dami dar wai

Don’t tell, O vessel (of the heart), why you are agitated, when you receive the wine of pain!
Don’t tell, O flute, why you are complaining, when each breath returns to Him!

Che baad-ast in na-midaanam jaam-e-del ba-yak jor’a
Chonaan az zang saafi shod ke didam yaar raa dar wai

I don’t know what kind of wine it is that with one draught the vessel of my heart
Has been purified from darkness in such a way that I am now seeing the Friend therein.

Ba-didam delbari chun mah shodam az hosn-e-u waaleh
Maraa dar bar kashid aangah ke az man mi-jahi taa kai

I’ve become bewildered, because of seeing the moonlike beauty of my Beloved.
Draw me now to Yourself; how long will you keep on running away from me?

Maqaamaati ba-didam man hekaayaati shenidam man
Ba-haalaati rasidam man ke kas aanjaa na-borda pai

From what I’ve seen at that spiritual station and what I’ve heard there,
I can relate that I’ve experienced a spiritual state given to no one before.

Ze ‘aql-e-khud berun raftam ba-baazaar-e-jonun raftam
Ba-maikhaana darun raftam ba-didam khomhaa por mai

I left my intellect behind me and entered the market of the madmen
I went into the tavern in order to see jars filled with wine.

Rawaan yak jor’a por kardam ba-yaad-e-la’l-e-u khordam
Fanaa’ az khish be-setordam baqaa’ye yaaftam zaan mai

In a fluent move I filled a cup and drank it in remembrance of His ruby-red lips:
Because of that wine my lower self has been transformed and I have realized abiding in God.

Na-esyaan maand wa nai taa’at shodam mahw andar aan saa’at
Chonaan gashtam dar aan haalat ke wai man gasht man ham wai

Neither disobedience nor obedience remained in the annihilation of that moment:
It so happened during that state that He has become me and I have become Him.

Mo’ini bas koni in da’waa ke dar diwaan-e-aan mawlaa
Honuz az daftar-e-ma’anaa na-kardi yak waraq raa tai

O Mo’in, do not claim that after being in the court of that Lord,
You know more than a single page out of the Book of Inner Meanings!