Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 22


Chashm be-koshaai ke didaar-e-khodaa-ye-jelwa namud
Dida shaw yaksar o bar band dar-e-goft o shonud

Open your eyes so that you may behold the divine splendour!
Unify your vision and close the door to your speech and hearing.

‘Aks-e-rokhsaara-ye-saaqi be-namud az rokh-e-jaam
Hush o aaraam ze mastaan-e-mai-ye-‘eshq rabud

The reflection of the face of the cupbearer appeared at the surface of the cup.
It has robbed the love-intoxicated ones of their sanity and peace of mind.

Saaqi-ye-‘eshq maraa ruz-e-azal baada chashand
Taa abad har nafas-am masti-ye-digar be-fozud

Love’s cupbearer has made me taste some wine during the day of pre-eternity,
So that with every breath of mine my intoxication will increase at post-eternity.

Yaa rabb in masti-ye-man zaan mai-ye-bazm-e-azal ast
Yaa zehar lahza ba-man baada o yaksar paimud

O Lord, does my intoxication stem from the wine of the assembly of pre-eternity,
Or is it due to all those moments wherein I am drinking ordinary wine?

Del chu aayena-ye-haqq aamad o saiqal-e-gham-e-‘eshq
Ai khush aan del ke mai-ye-‘eshq ghobaarash be-zedud

My heart has become mirror for God and has been purified by the pain of love.
That heart is fortunate which has become free of impurities by the wine of love.

Aan deli kaz zolmaat-e-bashari yaaft khalaas
‘Aks-e-anwaar-e-khodaa bud dar o har che namud

That heart that has been able to free itself from the darkness of a human nature,
Has become the reflection of the divine light wherein all will get visible.

‘Aks-e-haqqi to wa ‘aks-e-to dar aayena-ye-jaan
‘Aks-e-‘aks to yaqin daan ke hamaan ‘ain to bud

You reflect the divine and this reflection is visible in the mirror of your soul.
You are a mirror for this reflection; know for sure that you are its best part.

Baada saaf-ast ma-pendaar ke rangin shoda ast
Aan ze ham rangi-ye-jaam-ast ke shod sorkh o kabud

This wine is pure, so don’t consider it to have any colour.
Every colour it takes comes from the cup, so that it appears to be read or blue.

‘Eshq dar daar-e-baqaa’ zad ba-del-am rawzana’i
Taa ke dar taaft ba qasr-e-‘adam-am nur-e-wojud

Love has opened a window in my heart from the house of eternal existence,
So that in the abode of annihilation the light of existence may shine.

Zarra-ye-hasti-ye-man az pay-e-khurshid-e-azal
Kard az in rawzana-ye-kon fayakun mail-e-sa’ud

This lowly one received the creative command ‘exist!’ from the Eternal Sun,
Opening in the window of my heart an inclination for that which is highest.

Mawj-e-daryaa-ye-qedam shabnam-e-emkaan bar daasht
Shod nehaan ghaib o shahaadat hama dar bahr-e-shohud

The waves of the ocean of eternity have picked up the dew of temporal existence.
The unseen and the manifest disappeared completely from sight in this ocean.

Az pas-e-parda hamidaad neshaan az man o maa
Man o maa raft ham u maanad chu borqa’ be-koshud

He gave a sign from behind the curtain about me and mine:
‘Me’ and ‘mine’ disappeared and only He remained, because the veil was lifted.

Awwal o aakheram o zaaher o baaten hama ust
Ke ham u bud o ham u hast o ham u khaahad bud

He is the First, the Last, the Manifest and the Hidden: all is He!
He was, He is and He will be.

‘Eshq bi parda hami-baakht mo’in baa rokh-e-dust
Pish az aan kaz man o maa naam o neshaan niz nabud

Love for the unveiled countenance of the Friend has been given to Mo’in.
Before that moment no trace of ‘me’, ‘mine,’ ‘name’ or ‘fame’ could be found.