Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 20


Maa ba-har wesaal az del o jaan niz gozashtim
Dar wasl na-khaahi to az aan niz gozashtim

During the experience of union I also have renounced both my heart and soul.
If You dislike something else during this union, I’ll renounce that as well.

Dar bahr-e-fanaa’ gharq-e-rezaa-ye-to chonaanim
Kaz juyi moraad-e-do jahaan niz gozashtim

I am drowned in annihilation’s ocean to satisfy You in such a way
That I also have renounced all desires for this world and the next.

‘Omri ze paa-ye naam o neshaan-e-to dawidim
Maa dar talab az naam o neshaan niz gozashtim

All my life I have been in a quest to know You and where to find You.
I have stopped paying attention to who I am and where I am.

Dar paa-ye-ga-ye-nafs-e-bahimi che konad del
Kaz martaba-ye-ruh o rawaan niz gozashtim

What has my heart to do with the level of the beastly ego
When it has already passed beyond the stage of the purified spirit and soul?

Yak jaam ba-maa daad ke tan del shod o del jaan
Yak jaam degar daad ze jaan niz gozashtim

He gave me a cup of wine so that my body became my heart
and my heart became my soul.
He gave me another cup so that I also passed beyond my soul.

Naagah rasidim ba-har chiz ke jostim
Az paa be-neshastim o az aan niz gozashtim

Suddenly I received all things I have been looking for,
But with my feet I destroyed them and also left them behind me.

Az tafreqa-ye-‘aasheq o ma’shuq rahidim
Fi’l jomla na-aanim waz aan niz gozashtim

I have been set free from the separateness between lover and Beloved.
In this unity I lost my individual existence and also left it behind me.

Didim ‘eyaan chehra-ye-mansur ba-wajhi
Kaz zaabta-ye-sharh o bayaan niz gozashtim

After heholding Mansur face to face,
I also left all customs, commentaries and explanations behind me.

In torfa ke ham noqta o ham daa’era maa’im
Waz daa’era-ye-dawr-e-zamaan niz gozashtim

How wonderful! I’m both present at the centre and at the circumference!
The revolutions of time – I have also left them behind me.

Dar manzel-e-maqsud ke khalwatgah-e-quds ast
Az haadesa-ye-kawn o makaan niz gozashtim

The sacred place of seclusion is to be found at the desired destination.
The state of both worlds – I have also left it behind me.

Az ‘ain-e-‘eyaan did Mo’ in hosn-e-to emruz
Kaz wa’da-ye-farda ba-chonaan niz gozashtim

Mo’in beholds Your beauty already today with the eye of contemplation.
A promise of a vision tomorrow – I have also left it behind me.