Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 19


In manam yaa rabb ke andar nur-e-haqq faani shodam
Matla’-ye-anwaar-e-faiz-e-zaat-sobhaani shodam

O Lord! My self has been annihilated in the light of truth.
It has become the place of rising of the lights of the glorious divine essence.

Zarra zarra az wojud-am taaleb-e-didaar gasht
Taa ke man mast az tajallihaa-ye-rabbaani shodam

Each particle of my existence has been searching for the vision of You
Until I have become drunk by the manifestation of the divine.

Zang-e-ghairat raa ze meraat-e-del-am be-zedud ‘eshq
Taa ba-kolli waaqef-asraar-e-penhaani shodam

The rust of duality has been removed by love from the mirror of my heart,
So that it has become completely aware of the hidden secrets.

Man shonaan birun shodam az zolmat-e-hasti-ye-khish
Taa ze nur-e-hasti-ye-u aanke maidaani shodam

I have come this far out of the darkness of my selfish existence,
So that by the light of His existence I have vanished.

Gar ze dud-e-nafs-e-zolmat paak budam sukhta
Ze emtezaaj-e-aatesh-e-‘eshq-e-to nuraani shodam

There is no more smoke of the fire burning the dark side of my self.
My self has turned into light because of the purification by the fire of Your love.

Khalq migoftand kin rah ba-dushwaari rawand
Ai ‘afaak allaah ke man baari ba-aasaani shodam

People say that this path leads to difficulties,
May God give you health, but my burden has become easy to carry for me.

Dam ba-dam ruh al-qods andar mo’ini midamad
Man na-midaanam magar man ‘isa-ye-saani shodam

Breath by breath the holy spirit inspires Mo’in.
I don’t know, but perhaps I have become a second Jesus.