Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 16


Man che guyam ke maraa naateqa madhush aamad
Bar delam zaabeta-ye-‘aql faraamush aamad

How can I speak when my tongue has become intoxicated?
My mind has become silent and powerless over my heart.

Sail raa na’ra az aan ast ke az bahr jodaa-st
Daan ke baa bahr dar aamikhta khamush aamad

The river is boisterous because it is separated from the ocean:
Know that after union with the ocean it is becalmed forever.

Noktahaa dush delam goft o shanid az lab-e-yaar
Ke na hargez ba-zabaan raft o na dar gush aamad

My heart uttered secrets coming from the Friend’s lips last night,
Which have never been spoken by any tongue or heard by any ear.

Shaahed-e-ghaib koshaada ast neqaab az rokh-e-khish
To na’i mahram az aan ba-har to rupush aamad

The unseen Beloved has removed the veil from His face.
You are not His intimate, because you remain veiled.

Zaahed az kuy-e-moghaan paai kashidi emshab
Ba-qadam raft dar aan kucha wa bar dush aamad

The ascetic has left the lane of the fire-worshippers tonight;
He went step by step to that street while appearing there last night.

Shab-e-hejr-e-to ke jaan az badan kard wedaa’
Ruz-e-wasl-e-to degar baara dar aaghus aamad

During the night of separation my soul had said farewell to my body,
But an embrace took once more place on the day of union.

Sokhan-e-talkh chun may ba-labat migozarad
Bar harifaan hama zahr ast o maraa nush aamad

The harsh words which flow like wine from Your lips,
Appear to be like poison to my companions, but are sweet to me.

Che goharhaa ast kazin sina berun mirizad
Bahr-e-asraar-e-elaahi ast ke dar jush aamad

What are the jewels which are scattered from my breast?
They are produced by the turmoil of the ocean of divine secrets.

Har keraa hush o qaraar ast mayash deh saaqi
Ke mo’ini ze azal bikhud o madhush aamad

O Saqi give His wine to everyone who is sound and sane,
Which has enraptured Mo’in and has made him intoxicated since pre-eternity.