Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 12


Chashm be-koshaai ke aafaaq por az nur-e-khodaast
Khaali az nur-e-khodaa dar hama aafaaq kojaast

Open your eyes, because the whole world is full with the light of God.
Which place in the whole world is without the light of God?

Ma’ni kaz nazar-e-khalq nehaan bud modaam
Nek benegar ke namudaar az in surat-e-maast

That spiritual meaning which always was hidden from the eyes of creatures,
You can now clearly behold in my outward appearance.

Aan jamaali ke nazar niz daraan mahram nist
Hamchu khurshid darin aayinaye-maa paydaast

It is not forbidden to see that beauty therein,
Just like the sun gets reflected in my mirror.

Goftamash chand buwad hosn-e-to penhaan gofta
Hosn paidaast wale dida-e-binanda keraast

I asked Him: ‘How long will Your beauty remain hidden?’
He answered: ‘My beauty is evident, but who is there to see it?’

Sabok aa az khud wa az har kharefi bahra majui
Ke kasheshha hama dar jaazeba-e-kaahe robaast

‘Lighten yourself of selfishness and come to Me unburdened by any foolishness,
Because there are all kinds of allurements for you, just like amber attracts straw’.

Tabl-e-‘eshqast ke dar kawn o makaan mikuband
Pamba az gush berun kon beshenaw kin che sadaast

The sound of the drum of love is reverberating in both worlds.
Remove the cotton from your ear and listen to this invitation!