A complete ghazal by Khwaja Hafez


To put this dervish coat in pledge for wine is better.
And to drown this meaningless book into pure wine is better.

Because I look back at my wasted life,
To fall down drunk in the corner of the tavern is better.

Because thinking about what is prudent is far from the dervish way,
To have a breast full of fire and an eye full of tears is better.

I shall not tell the people about the state of the heart of the ascetic,
But if I should tell it, to tell this story with a harp and a violin is better.

As long as the motions of the heavenly spheres have neither head nor tail,
To desire for the Saqi in the head while holding wine in the hand is better..

No, from a sweetheart like you, I shall not withdraw my heart.
If I have to suffer, to do so because of your curly hair is better.

When you have become old, Hafez, leave the tavern!
To be a drunk rebel at a young age is better.


این خرقه که من دارم در رهن شراب اولی
وین دفتر بی معنی غرق می ناب اولی

چون عمر تبه کردم چندان که نگه کردم
در کنج خراباتی افتاده خراب اولی

چون مصلحت اندیشی دور است ز درویشی
هم سینه پر از آتش هم دیده پرآب اولی

من حالت زاهد را با خلق نخواهم گفت
این قصه اگر گویم با چنگ و رباب اولی

تا بی سر و پا باشد اوضاع فلک زین دست
در سر هوس ساقی در دست شراب اولی

از همچو تو دلداری دل برنکنم آری
چون تاب کشم باری زان زلف به تاب اولی

چون پیر شدی حافظ از میکده بیرون آی
رندی و هوسناکی در عهد شباب اولی