Quotes of Sa’di

Lovers are prisoners at your door, come!
They’ll not hold your fiery temper against you, come!
Each of your cruel acts will be excused,
But before they don’t excuse you anymore, come!

عشاق بدرگهت اسیرند بیا
بد خو ئى تو بر تو نگیرند بیا
هر جور و جفا که کرده ای معذوری
زان پیش که عذرت نپذیرند بیا

If you are longing for the masters of heart, be aware
That you aren’t heedless of service even for one moment;
Give food to the parrot, the partridge and the pigeon,
So that one day a phoenix may fall into your snare.

الا گر طلبگار اهل دلی
ز خدمت مکن یک زمان غافلی
خورش ده به گنجشك و کبك و حمام
که یک روزت افتد همایی به دام

Clouds, wind, moon, sun and heavens are all active
That you may receive some bread and eat it in remembrance.
For your sake, all are whirling around and obey orders.
Would it be just then that only you would not obey?

ابر و باد و ماه و خرشید و فلك در کارند
تا تو نانی بکف آری و به غفلت نخوری
همه از بهر تو سرگشته و فرمان بردآ
شرط انصاف نباشد که تو فرمان نبری

“I’ll make you happy one night,” You told me one day.
You’d free me and my chain of sorrows would go away.
You remember nothing of what You have said,
While countless nights have passed since that day.

روزی گفتی شبی کنم دلشادت
وز بند غمان خود کنم آزادت
دیدی که از آنروز چه شبها بگذشت
وز گفته خود هیچ نیامد یادت

My soul enlightening Friend is present tonight.
My fortune, contrary to my enemies’ wish, has become bright.
Although the candle may die and the moon may wane,
My night is day when you are at my side!

امشب که حضور یار جان افروز است
بختم بخلاف دشمان پیروز است
گو شمع بمیر و مه فرو شو که مرا
آنشب که تو در کنار باشی روز است

Two kinds of people die with regret:

1. The one with possessions, but doesn’t make proper use thereof.
2. The one with knowledge, but doesn’t make proper use thereof.

دو کس مردند و حسرت بردند: یکی آن که داشت و نخورد ، ودیگر آن که دانست و نکرد

The children of Adam are members of a whole,
Created by one essence and soul.
If fate afflicts one member with pain,
The other members disturbed will remain.
If you don’t care about human pain,
The name of human you can’t retain.

بنی آدم اعضای یک دیگرند
که در آفرینش ز یک گوهرند
چو عضوی بدرد آورد روزگار
دگر عضوها را نماند قرار
تو کز محنت دیگران بی غمی
نشاید که نامت نهند آدمی

Devotion can only be found in service to the people.
It is not the rosary, prayer rug and dervish mantle.

عبادت بجز خدمت خلق نیست
به تسبیح وسجاده و دلق نیست

Luqman was asked: “From whom have you learnt good manners?”
He answered: “From those without good manners!”

لقمان را گفتند ادب را از که آموختی
گفت از بی ادبان