Repeating the name of God

In the circle of Nizamuddin Awliya, who was, as you may know, a very prominent member of the Chishti order, someone told about a certain sufi who expired while slowly repeating the name of God. Nizamuddin Awliya was visibly moved by this story and then recited the following rubai:

Âyam be sar-e-kûye to pûyân pûyân
Rukhsâr be âb-e-dîde shûyân shûyân
Bîchâre rah-e wasl-e to jûyân jûyân
Jân mîdeham o nâm-e to gûyân gûyân.

I came to the end of Your street, running, running.
Tears came down my cheek, washing, washing.
Union with You, I am helplessly seeking, seeking.
My soul I surrender while Your name I am reciting, reciting.

These lines have been recited by Nizamuddin Awliya (d. 1325 C.E.). His shrine can be found in the south-east of New Delhi. As he lived the live of a faqir (at times he had to go without food for days) the poor were always attracted to him. Even his shrine attracted the poor. They built their houses around the area of his shrine.