Initiation into the Chishti order

There are people who want to become Naqshbandi or Qadiri or Suhrawardi or… But just suppose you’d have the opportunity to be admitted into the Chishti tariqa, i.e. the order among all orders… The question then is: What should I do?”

The answer is simple: Take your time to find a true teacher. Before finding this spiritual guide who may accept you into the Chishtiyya path, it is useful to prepare yourself somewhat. It is good to try to discipline your ego a little bit. Do not overdo it, because the Chishti way is a more advanced way, than only the path ascetics follow. So in case you talk too much, be more silent, in case you eat too many pizza’s then eat one less, in case you like to sleep longer in the weekend, then put your alarm clock somewhat earlier and in case you mix too much with people, then for some time associate with less people.

Take your time. Some virtues are useful. One of these virtues is patience (a longer list can be made including sincerity, resolution, trust in God – He has brought you to this point, so why would He not guide you to your future murshid? – but why make the list too long, start with something simple!).

Patience is useful, so that you take your time in finding a murshid. Initiation is for once and all, and it lasts even beyond death, so do not take this step too lightly. Many potential spiritual guides will not point to themselves. They’ll point to other teachers and in case you do not return to the first one, then it is a clear sign of course. There are also many charlatans available.

A true teacher will guide you towards that which you need, which is not similar to what you want. Because of this and other reasons it is difficult but not impossible to recognize a true teacher. God is with those who are patient. The path of the Chishtis emphasizes unity, so the teacher is nothing but a locus of manifestation of the divine. The teacher does not point to himself, but points to the moon, to a higher light and eventually to God. God is the Guide. May He guide you!