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Here is a ghazal from the Diwaan-e-Mo’in (Persian text: Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna): Robud jaan o delam raa jamaal-e-naam-e-khodaa Nawaakht teshna labaan raa zolaal-e-naam-e-khodaa My soul and my heart have been captivated by the beauty of the name…
The secret of the cook is not to lose your self when you search for yourself. Shaykh Yahya Suhrawardî wrote a quatrain about the right kind of orientation: Hân tâ sar rishta-yi-khud gum nakunîKud râ barâ-yi nîk wa bad gum nakunîRah-raw tuî…
This is a complete ghazal attributed to Khwâja Mu’înuddîn Chishtî: Ay ki andar ‘ain paidâ’î nihâni kîstî Har chi dar fahm u gumân âyad na ânî kîstî Who are You, Who are both clearly manifest and hidden? You, Whose existence…
The work of the philosopher Wouter Kusters consists of making an attempt to understand the ins and outs of madness. Psychiatrists easily prescribe medication, but remain unaware of what this different state of consciousness really implies. Kusters intends to develop…
This a complete ghazal attributed to Khwâja Mu’înuddîn Chishtî: Ba-khudâ ghayr-i-khudâ dar du jahân nîst kase Sad dalîl-ast wale wâqif az ân nîst kase By God, no one exists in the two worlds but God! Countless proofs are there that…
There are 36 attestations of tawhîd in the Qur’ân. This takes place by means of a dhikr, which is in this case the tahlîl. The basic shape is well known to you: “no god but God!” This is the recitation…
This is a complete ghazal attributed to Khwâja Mo’înoddîn Cheshtî: Az pas-e-parda jamâlî mî-nomâyad kîst ân Ân-ke yak yak parda az rokh mî-koshâyad kîst Who is He Who shows His beauty from behind the curtain? Who is He Who gradually…
Agar lebaas-e-hodusam badar koni che shawad Maraa ze serr-e-haqiqat khabar koni che shawad What will happen if You remove my new garment? What will happen if You reveal to me the mysteries of reality? Ba-ku-ye-khasta-ye-delaani ke jaan rasida ba-lab Agar…
Biyaa dar bazm-e-u adnaa yake harf ze man be-shnaw Wa zaan asraar-e-maa wahi yake tarz-e-sokhan be-shnaw Come closer to His assembly and listen to my words! Listen to my secrets and be inspired by my manner of speaking! Agar asraar-e-wahdat…

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillah KGN.
    Dervisha, thank you for translating the post from Persian to English. May the almighty bless you & your family for this work.

    “Open your ears and listen in complete silence to your innermost consciousness!”……….
    In Silence I have learnt so much from you dear Dervish & thy silence too speaks dear Shaykh.


    Silence is a bliss they say,
    This path did never make me gay (happy).
    Cupbearer wishes for my Silence,
    He teaches me a new science.
    His Silence does speak,
    Seeker longs for His lovely cheek.

    Amidst silence Cupbearer speaks,
    In love, madness has reached its peaks.
    Ears have become deaf,
    His words oft appear with a clef.
    It’s for Him, Seeker wishes to write,
    Canst thou understand my plight?

    O Khusrow did Nizam (R.A) enjoy thy poems?
    In love made thou a renowned poet.
    O Rumi, in Shams’s love thou always roamed?
    His separation, thou tearfully mourned.
    Moin (R.A) didn’t thee ever miss thy Murshid?
    If I miss thee, would this be a big deal?

    Mystic Ibrahim Qandoozi gave Moin an Oil cake,
    Eating thus, to seek the truth His heart did ache.
    What did you give this Seeker O Cupbearer?
    In love, like madwomen Seeker roams forever.
    Atlas thee breaks thy sweet silence,
    Pearls of Danish & French echo in resonance.

    Good Lord! Cupbearer plays mischievous games,
    Canst thou see my heart going in flames?
    Rabia Basri says ‘I am burnt I am burnt”,
    In love many a soul’s burn, can this be learnt?
    Hush, rush in silence O dear Seeker,
    Heart sings with thy Tavern-keeper.
    & Silence is a bliss they say,
    This path did never make me gay (happy)……………

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