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Your name is in my mouth, Your image is in my eye, Your remembrance is in my heart: So where are You hidden? A scholar remarked in the presence of Shamsuddin of Tabriz: ‘I have established the existence of God…
A man who cultivates his garden, as Voltaire wished. He who is grateful for the existence of music. He who takes pleasure in tracing a root of a word. Two servants playing, in a café in the South, a silent…
Biko desired to be a spiritual guide, but he attracted no murids. That’s why he became jealous of shaykh ‘Abdullah, the local Sufi master. He tried to discredit him with a trick. When shaykh ‘Abdullah was teaching the local halqa,…
A certain Sufi remarked that after his death he’d leave a letter in a certain box. When things wouldn’t be easy, then the box should be opened in order to read the letter. Then it so happened that things indeed…
‘Aql âmad dîn u dunyâ shud kharâb‘Ishq âmad har du ‘âlam kâm-yâbReason entered, and religion and planet were ruined.Love entered, and both these worlds were saved. Kâfir-i-‘ishq-am musalmânî marâ dar kâr nîstHar rag-i-man târ gashta hâjat-i-zunnâr nîstI am an unbeliever…
During the morning meditation, the cat of a certain khanegah often caused quite some disturbance. So shaykh Ahmad, the resident Sufi Pir, ordered that the cat always had to be tied up when that practice got performed..  After the death of shaykh Ahmad, the…
A young man in Tirmiz desired to expand his horizon. Together with some friends he decided to go on a journey in pursuit of knowledge. When he and his friends were about to leave, his mother appealed him to stay…
This is a complete ghazal attributed to Khwâja Mu’înuddîn Chishtî: Az matla’-yi-dil zad ‘alam yak lam’a az rukhsâr-i-û Shud zarra zarra hastîyam dar parda-yi-anwâr-i-û A flash of light from His face appeared in my heart: My existence became a particle…
Here is a ghazal from the Diwaan-e-Mo’in (Persian text: Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna): Robud jaan o delam raa jamaal-e-naam-e-khodaa Nawaakht teshna labaan raa zolaal-e-naam-e-khodaa My soul and my heart have been captivated by the beauty of the name…

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillah KGN,
    Murshid lately inspiration,
    For jotting poem is missing.
    No pain, no desperation,
    To God,nothing am asking.

    Murshid engaged in recitation,
    Of the name of Good Lord?
    He wants all to remember God,
    Before sleeping reckon The Lord.

    And we shall surely follow,
    Your advise,insults to swallow,
    Reciting Lord’s name,
    Life is but a game.

    Feels like World is a toy,
    There is neither sorrow,
    Nor the rainbow of joy.

    Its a Void world truly,
    Thee speak not really,
    Thou laugh at me slyly?

    Dervish seems mean,
    His powers are unseen,
    Of mysticism,He the Dean.

    Shaykh is stubborn,
    Made me suffer,
    Tell Him ‘ Me a human,
    And a Sinful woman’.

    Whatever, my Shaykh is best,
    Silently He conducts test,
    Incase seeker fails rise try again,
    His Doors are open for all to gain!

    Murshid engaged in recitation,
    Of the name of Good Lord?
    He wants all to remember God,
    Before sleeping reckon The Lord…..


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