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A certain Sufi remarked that after his death he’d leave a letter in a certain box. When things wouldn’t be easy, then the box should be opened in order to read the letter. Then it so happened that things indeed…
‘Aql âmad dîn u dunyâ shud kharâb‘Ishq âmad har du ‘âlam kâm-yâbReason entered, and religion and planet were ruined.Love entered, and both these worlds were saved. Kâfir-i-‘ishq-am musalmânî marâ dar kâr nîstHar rag-i-man târ gashta hâjat-i-zunnâr nîstI am an unbeliever…
During the morning meditation, the cat of a certain khanegah often caused quite some disturbance. So shaykh Ahmad, the resident Sufi Pir, ordered that the cat always had to be tied up when that practice got performed..  After the death of shaykh Ahmad, the…
A young man in Tirmiz desired to expand his horizon. Together with some friends he decided to go on a journey in pursuit of knowledge. When he and his friends were about to leave, his mother appealed him to stay…
This is a complete ghazal attributed to Khwâja Mu’înuddîn Chishtî: Az matla’-yi-dil zad ‘alam yak lam’a az rukhsâr-i-û Shud zarra zarra hastîyam dar parda-yi-anwâr-i-û A flash of light from His face appeared in my heart: My existence became a particle…
Here is a ghazal from the Diwaan-e-Mo’in (Persian text: Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna): Robud jaan o delam raa jamaal-e-naam-e-khodaa Nawaakht teshna labaan raa zolaal-e-naam-e-khodaa My soul and my heart have been captivated by the beauty of the name…
The secret of the cook is not to lose your self when you search for yourself. Shaykh Yahya Suhrawardî wrote a quatrain about the right kind of orientation: Hân tâ sar rishta-yi-khud gum nakunîKud râ barâ-yi nîk wa bad gum nakunîRah-raw tuî…
This is a complete ghazal attributed to Khwâja Mu’înuddîn Chishtî: Ay ki andar ‘ain paidâ’î nihâni kîstî Har chi dar fahm u gumân âyad na ânî kîstî Who are You, Who are both clearly manifest and hidden? You, Whose existence…
The work of the philosopher Wouter Kusters consists of making an attempt to understand the ins and outs of madness. Psychiatrists easily prescribe medication, but remain unaware of what this different state of consciousness really implies. Kusters intends to develop…

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillah KGN.
    Dervish this post shows your profound wisdom in psychological sphere, must say you being “Jack of All & Master of many”!

    The beauty of thy work ‘Psychology & Sufism’ & how well thee blend the two. This being thy unique feature.

    Here, would you Pls listen to my mind whilst it pours out its madness?

    The Madness

    O the wisest of all,
    Thee like to kick a foot-ball.
    Thou hast an all-round knowledge,
    Thee is the best guide, I acknowledge.

    O my dearest Dervish,
    This being my way to communicate.
    Madness is a big taboo,
    In society my divine Hoopoe.

    All souls not being sane,
    I seek the light of thy lane.
    At least thou canst blame,
    Is Love is an easy game?

    Sometimes lips put up a smile,
    Other times in tears I walk a mile.
    World thinks me to be truly mad,
    What a tough time Hoopoe, I had.

    Abstaining from luxury,
    Like an ape indulge in *mimicry.
    Each day with mad worm I fight,
    Pray keep me in thy line of sight.

    Pure souls too went mad,
    Like Rumi for Shams.
    In thy love Slavery I embrace,
    Plead; call me anything but a disgrace.

    In madness I roam,
    Wish to be thy comb.
    This path, so tough **Hoopoe,
    Thee like the religious color blue?


    *mimicry –Imitating the spiritual guide/coach in this case.
    **Hoopoe is the name of the spiritual coach of the birds in search of the divine lord in the book ‘The conference of the Birds’ by Hz. Farid ud-din Attar, haven’t read yet, what are you doing?

  2. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillaha KGN.
    Magic Slate.

    Alas madness is my present state,
    Human or divine, have lost all taste.
    Destroyed & defeated, have a disorder,
    A slate I got, on issuing a purchase order.

    Behold beauty of my Magic slate,
    Secret entrance has a mystic gate.
    Write whatsoever you need & Wish,
    Enter with faith in matters of Ishq.

    All your wants shall be met,
    Greediness shan’t help, I bet.
    Be reasonable in thy demands,
    My Shaykh has magical hands.

    Pray look before you really leap,
    To get the slate, floors you Sweep.
    Slate is covered with wine divine,
    Love little, overdoing is a crime.

    Slate bearer is stern & very strict,
    Impure souls He does sadly restrict.
    Slate bearer O the Divine Cupbearer!
    Be merciful & kind towards thy sufferer.

    Seek for neither Gold nor Silver,
    Pray, my thoughts are purer & clearer.
    Alas madness is my present state,
    Human or divine, have lost all taste……….

    An insane Devotee.

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