Yellow Teeth


A seeker of God, ‘Abd ar-Rahman, happened to attend a Sufi dhikr. One of the awrad seemed so strange to him that he seriously began to doubt his sanity. There could hardly be a mistake. The dervishes were all swaying and chanting: Yellow teeth! Yellow teeth! But how could yellow teeth inspire such passion among the dervishes?

Later on he discovered that what he had misheard, was actually Ya Latif – which is, as you know, one of the 99 most beautiful names of God.

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillaha KGN,
    Salaams to Miran Syed Hussain (R.A),
    For He helped me reach the Tavern’s brain.
    Salutations to the Murshid so Kind,
    His Aura makes devotees go blind.
    Oh whence can He be met?
    Purity in heart be Set?

    Yellow teeth ‘Ya Latif’ made me burst into fits of laughter & laughter being the best medicine is good at times for any Seeker I suppose, however Sufi master knows the best.

    Interesting are the 99 most beautiful names of God as per Islamic traditions. One such name in discussion is ‘Ar Rahman.’

    The Beneficent
    The Merciful
    The Most Merciful.

    This is a specific name. The name implies the One Who conceals & hides the faults & shortcomings of the people in the world. He is also the One Who gives when asked for.

    To emulate the name, you should try your utmost to acquire the divine trait. This means that you should treat the people of the world with love & affection & may direct them to the path of righteousness & truth by advice, suggestion, preaching & prayers. You should try to save the people from catastrophe & misfortune.

    1. Recitation of the name 100 times daily after prayers is conductive to softening the heart & making it receptive & sympathetic
    2. Reciting the name w/o counts serves as a sure panacea from the mischief & evil designs of the people.

    Wisdom flows from The 99 most beautiful names of Allah by Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib.

    Bless your children AR-RAHMAAN.
    Flowers bloom with water & sunshine,
    Food for Soul is dervish’s intoxicating wine.

    Wish not the beauty of Persian Rose,
    Seek to be the humble grass beneath Dervish’s toes.
    Desire not for the silken gown,
    In Patched Cloak piety is my crown.

    Discard the apparel made of gold,
    Obediently be the slave to the master is told.
    Mercy drops lead me up to His hut,
    Doors are partially open yet.

    Every cloud has a silver lining,
    Almighty hears thy constant whining.
    Heavenly voice says “Cry not O Dear devotee,
    Murshid shall forgive ‘AR-RAHMAAN’ is the key.”

    And then the Tulip forgives, whirls, in joy dances,
    ‘AR-RAHMAAN AR‘opens Tulip’s door, luck & by chances.
    Flowers bloom with water & sunshine,
    Food for Soul is dervish’s intoxicating wine.

  2. KgnReshma says:

    KGN Bismillah,
    This is my favorite post cause this narration makes me laugh & Cupbearer likes ‘Happy Hearts’.

    Each name from among the 99 names of Allah attribute to His divine qualities as per Islamic traditions as stated in my earlier comment & ‘Ar Rahman being my 2nd most favorite name.

    Wish to know my most favorite name? Surprise, Surprise………………..

    The 99 most beautiful names of Allah,
    Let the count reach 100, O *Mollah.
    Along with the sweet name ‘Ar Rahman’,
    Cupbearer’s name be mixed, like milk &**zafran.

    ***Kabir says first bow before the guide,
    Next bow to the good Lord, alright?
    For its guide who shows Lord’s path,
    Purify thy souls else face their wrath.

    I find Allah’s wish to be Cupbearer’s fist,
    In the 100th name I find Lord’s gist.
    Cupbearer’s kind glance,
    Is Lord’s graceful stance.

    The impure thoughts, struggle to hide,
    With these ‘ON’ how to face the guide.
    Eventually one has to guard,
    Struggle against ‘Self’, desires to discard.

    Mureed finds Murshid’s name as most divine,
    His name beholds Lord’s sacred wine.
    Cupbearer has taught me to believe in Lord,
    Murshid imbibes all the attributes of God!
    & along with the sweet name ‘Ar Rahman’,
    Cupbearer’s name be mixed, like milk &**zafran……..


    1. Mollah: – a Muslim trained in the doctrine and law of Islam; the
    head of a mosque.
    2. **Zafran: – means Saffron a seasoning & coloring agent used in
    food. Most found in Iran, Spain & Kashmir (India).
    3. *** Kabir was a 15th-century Indian mystic poet and saint.

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