What kind of Pir do you want?


Nawab Khadim Hasan was once approached for initiation. He asked the visitor if he would like a murshid who was a leaf, a stone or a log? The visitor was quite surprised and could not give a reply. So to save him the consternation Nawab Khadim Hasan gave him an explanation:

If a leaf floats down a river and a stone is dropped on it, it sinks a little, then tilts and the stone falls off, and thus soon the leave alone is floating down the river. If you drop a stone in a river, it sinks. In fact if you tie anything to it, they both sink. But if a log floats down a river, you can grab it and it carries you to safety.

And so everyone in a lighter mood proceeded.

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillah KGN.
    And so everyone in a lighter mood proceeded, proceeded for what Master?
    Any Seeker would wish to have a Murshid who is like a log carrying him/her to safety but for this ….

    O Seeker obey thy Pir & do not annoy,
    It’s autumn, trees shed their leaves with joy.
    Alchemist of happiness has many tools & tackles,
    Use them wisely to face life’s harsh battles.

    O Listen to the music, Canst see the nightingale?
    O Smell the fragrance of Roses, Canst find a Rose for sale?
    O feel the breeze so soft, bringing His news on mail,
    And search for imprints of His footsteps, down the green dale.

    Seeker rest herein, it’s such a peaceful Tavern,
    Rule states ’Sit respectfully in a dignified manner.’
    Wait with Adab for thy glass to be fill’d,
    Drink His wine for impurities to be distill’d.

    Beloved is dearer than diamonds,
    O silence the materialistic Sirens.
    Lover longs to hear His voice,
    Seeker remains His devotee by choice.

    O love appears easy at first,
    Then Problem begins, gets worst?
    O pray show me ways to win the grace of Murshid,
    Serving the Poor, yearn a place in His Township?
    Alchemist of happiness has many tools & tackles,
    And use them wisely to face life’s harsh battles……


  2. KgnReshma says:

    KGN Haji Malang Baba:
    O & I write in no lighter mood…

    “Don’t Leave”
    Don’t leave , I feel so lonely,
    Surely shall improve slowly.
    That june whence you wrote last,
    Separation from thee was so fast.

    In wonder I ponder & pray,
    To rectify is there any way?
    O Sufis are so stern & strict,
    Their depth difficult to predict.

    One moment here another there,
    Murshid skips from folk’s glare.
    He runs & runs, O feel this tear,
    Apart from Him nothing to cheer.

    Every moment, all think of thee,
    Murshid has divine power, agree?
    Feel the world is useless & vain,
    His love has left many insane.

    Please don’t tread on this path,
    Impure souls,beware of His wrath.
    Don’t leave , I feel so lonely,
    Surely shall improve slowly.

    Thank You.

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