These dervishes are like apes


While it is good that murids in the beginning of their path emulate the behaviour of their murshid, it is important that in due course of time this doesn’t turn into a blind following (taqlid) of their spiritual guide and teacher.

A Sufi shaykh visited some dervishes in Misr during his travels. When he was with them, he taught some apes to do a dance. They learned to do it very quickly. Dressed in golden robes and wearing impressive crowns, they went through the steps and, for a while, put on a very good show. This show took place in front of the dervishes the shaykh had visited. They responded with enthusiasm to the dance of the apes.

Something unexpected took place. The shaykh, who had a handful of nuts in his pocket, suddenly tossed these nuts among the dancing apes. One look and they forgot all about the dance. They reverted to what they really were, apes, and started to fight one another over the nuts. The troop of dancing apes fell apart and the onlooking dervishes hooted…

The shaykh then said to them: “You are like these apes! You wear dervish robes, you perform dervish dances and you claim to be dervishes. As things stand, a vulture could sooner play to be a nightingale, than any of you could be a dervish!”

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Indeed I feel like an ape & do read the next….

    I write from the land of Moin,
    With His blessings enter Tavern Inn.
    The land of Nizam,says kindest of all,
    “Throw roses in exchange of thorns & stand tall .”
    From Land of father of Non violence,
    Sufis too play the same Violen.

    Shaykh kindly allows me to write,
    Little knowledge gives me a fright.
    God makes me write a word or two,
    Am grateful to Shaykh & His dear one too.

    They say “Which God you Pray?”
    While in sickness which Shaykh’s name you say?”
    Your healing is faster,
    Be it Muharram or Easter.
    How to reveal my secret?
    Magical spell Shaykh’s name can create.
    Acts as an healing effect on me,
    Result is for All to see.

    They ask ” which meditation you do?”
    Dhyana or Muraqkaba, Spiritual sky is blue.
    For they do no meditation,
    Survive on medical prescription.
    I say follow your own faith,
    Look not in others plate.

    Before you speak on Islam,
    Pray offer Prophet(PBUH)Salaam.
    Read Prophet’s biography,
    Believe not in manipulative history.

    Doesn’t world fight for power & money?
    For them Money is always Honey.
    You stick to your Chanting,
    Ignore the false warning.

    Sufism is a way of pure,
    Initiation isn’t a joke my dear.
    Purity is Spirituality ,Well said,
    Reality is Spirituality must be read.
    Alas me neither a Momin nor a Sufi!
    Possess not even my Shaykh’s Selfie.

    Sufism has done good to Islam,
    Like a shade in desert,under tree Palm.
    Teaches masses humanity,
    Spreads Prophet’s Philosophy.
    Embraces people from other religions,
    Dissolves boundaries,adds peace to regions.

    Wish to get a Shaykh of my Choice,
    Don’t mind eating curry & Rice.
    Seek not others buttered bread,
    Don’t Praise the Shaykh,for He turns red.
    As in Marriage & Initiation only once you wed,
    Shaykh’s kind eyes are God’s eyes is also said.

    See Sufism as a forward Path,
    Too many cooks spoil the broth.
    So stick to One Shaykh & kick a ball,
    Time is less to visit each mall.
    Discard comfort & cover your pain,
    Services to Shaykh hardly goes in vain.
    They say “Which God you Pray?”
    While in sickness which Shaykh’s name you say?”…….

    Praise is for Allaha alone !

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