The Sufi and the Sinner


There was a man in Amsterdam who was a notable sinner, yet was granted an audience whenever he wanted to speak with shaykh ‘Abd Allah Chishti, as if he was among the Sufi’s inner circle. Hundreds and sometimes thousands of people came to visit the shaykh at one time. Others who were less privileged than this man had to wait days, weeks or even months to see the shaykh.

Some of the murids of the shaykh were irritated by the favour shown to this man and complained among themselves: “Is it possible that our spiritual guide and teacher doesn’t know that this man is a great sinner? If our murshid knew, he would certainly not be so friendly with him!”

When they told the Sufi, he answered apologetically, saying: “I know about him as well as you. But what can I do? I love happiness and hate sadness! And he is such a confirmed sinner that – even though most sinners momentarily regret their act afterwards, which doesn’t stop them, however, from going back to their sinning later – this man doesn’t regret his sins the least bit and he is not sad for even a moment! I find his happiness so appealing that I cannot keep from talking with him!”

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    KGN Bismillah,
    Salaams Dervish & thank you for this encouraging post. Truly this post serves as a ray of hope for many such sinful devotees who keep repeating their mistakes time & time again.
    Also this seeker feels grateful that some spiritual guides do cover the sins committed by their devotees yet keep the communication channel ‘ON’ directly or indirectly inspiring me to type the below couplet……..

    Oh Hoopoe me but a sinful joker,
    Wasn’t I but an attention seeker?

    I too keep repeating my sin,
    Gently push my sin in the recycle bin.

    Wish to be the dust of thy lotus feet,
    Cupbearer’s messages are worth to tweet.

    Wish to be the servant of thy hut,
    With Services to thee all sins get shut.

    Wish to be the friend of thy friends,
    Alas this heart with them hardly blends!

    Wish to be thy patched cloak,
    In thy fragrant sweat, this soul is sure to soak.

    Wish to be thy gifted kashkul,
    Together we spray water of rose at Moin’s Kul.

    Wish to be the wallet of thy pocket,
    Wallet’s treasure acts as a godly socket.

    Or rather be thy mystic Pen,
    From whence nectar pours out every now & then.

    Wish to be that divine Khusrow,
    Writing couplets for Murshid is love & not a show.

    Oh Hoopoe me but a sinful joker,
    Wasn’t I but an attention seeker?

    I too keep repeating my sin,
    Gently push my sin in the recycle bin……….


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