The Scholar and the Dervish


This is the recorded interchange of questions and answers of an‘alim (a scholar in Islam) and a dervish:

– No one has ever seen you pray!
– That is true!

– You do not wear a patched cloak, like the other Sufis…
– No, I don’t!

– You do not use a rosary to remember God…
– True!

– You do not visit Sufi centres…
– No, I don’t!

– You do not discuss spirituality, you do not quote from the classical masters, and you do not have a beard!
– True, true, true!

– Can you tell me why?
– Because it would interfere with my spiritual activities.

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    KGN, Haji Malang Baba, Nasiruddin Baba, Siraj Baba:-
    You hide & we seek you,
    O mystic we do recognize you.
    A diamond shines even in dark,
    His address in itself is a landmark!


    The capital of sorrow
    I will not give easily from my hand.
    I will not turn my heart from the
    Beloved till I meet my end;
    From the friend
    the relic of pain that I have got,
    I will not exchange
    in return for thousands of remedies
    for that pain of the friend.

    Source: Abu Said Abi’l Khair & his Rubaiyat by Dr Sharib (Gudri shah baba 4).


    O Lord thee created Mohammed (PBUH),
    From a Source of Divine Light💡.
    O Mohammed thee established Islam,
    To thy religion our Sincere ‘ Salaam’.
    O Islam truly hats off to thee,
    Thou nurtured many mystic’s dream.

    O Mystics thou have a sound mind,
    Why do you serve intoxicating wine?
    What’s special about Mystic Tavern of His,
    Each day Visiting His inn, for no post to miss.

    O Mystic why this Silence?
    Pain of separation creats voilence.
    None to hear this heart’s chaos,
    In Intoxication through thy Tavern,
    Silently allow my days, to pass.

    Een rouwende toegewijde.

  2. KgnReshma says:

    KGN, Haji Malang Baba, Nasiruddin Baba, Siraj Baba:-


    O you hide & you really do hide,
    Destroying devotee’s false pride.
    But the scent of this Darweesh,
    Shall surely spread and flourish.

    O dear don’t you please vanish,
    For my ego you need to planish.
    Crush this ego into many pieces,
    Love for thee seldom decreases.

    Go away O ruthless Darweesh,
    Hide in some western far off place.
    Eyes have captured thy pretty face,
    Both day & night I pass in disgrace.

    O Beloved thy separation,
    Is nothing less than cremation.
    While all you do is hide & hide,
    Beaware of the heart, wherein you reside!


    From the Source: Abu Said Abi’l Khair & his Rubaiyat by Dr Sharib (Gudri shah baba 4).

    In thy remembrance,
    I come with eyes full of tears,
    And from the wine of fondness I come,
    intoxicated & lost, with no fears;
    Since the time of separation passed away,
    Even then,towards Thee I come
    with a head white with years.


    NB: Many thanks to the website creator, Goed Avon!

  3. KgnReshma says:

    KGN, Haji Malang baba, Nasiruddin Baba, Siraj Baba (Alam Nawaz),


    THE ‘D’s

    The Dutch Dervish,
    Who Destroys,
    Devilish Devotee’s,
    Deadly Disease,
    Drawing her back from Death.

    The Dutch Dervish,
    Who Disappears,
    From Duniya,
    Teaches Deen,
    The Dean of Chishtiyya.

    The Dutch Dervish,
    Who Demands to Destroy Desires,
    Delivers online Discourse,
    Believes in Divine love& good Deeds,
    Decorates virtues of Duty & Devotion.

    The Dutch Dervish,
    Who Destroys,
    Deadly ego & pride,
    Deals with Depressed Devotees,
    With Divine Mercy & Detachment!

    The Dutch Dervish,
    With good Diction,
    To understand His Dialogue,
    At times we need a Dictionary,
    De Down to earth Dervish so Decent en een Darling! (De=The, en=and, een=a)

    Dank u (Thank You)!

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