The interpretation of a dream


Every Thursday a fellowship of spiritual seekers would meet. Abdur Rahim Khan-e-Khanan, a renowned mystic and poet, was a member of that fellowship. One Thursday evening as they assembled, one of them said:
“Friends I have a dream to share”. Others waited with their usual calm and grace. “I saw a vast open space”, he began, “and there was a great fire raging. I saw the figure of Krishna right in the middle of that fire, and the figure of Ram outside of the circle of fire as if he was about to enter”.

One of them immediately responded: “Is it not obvious what the dream means? The fire you saw was the fire of hell; Krishna has already been thrown into it and Ram was soon to join him”.

At this daring interpretation there was an air of unrest in the fellowship. Abdur Rahim Khan-e-Khanan, the mystic and poet, was sitting with his head bowed, his hands joined resting in his lap.

After a long pause he lifted his head and looked towards the person who had interpreted the dream, and with a gentleness and clarity that shone like a sword of light, he said: “Friend, if you allow me, I should say that you have committed two very grave mistakes: first you have abused the figures which our Hindu brethren hold in great respect and devotion, and this is morally wrong from the Islamic point of view, and also generally we should not speak ill of someone else’s beloved. The second mistake you have committed, is spiritual: you have shown a strange haste in interpreting a dream which should be regarded as a sign from the realm of the unseen”.

The fellowship, thus alerted by these words of wisdom, felt refreshed as if a heavy burden had been lifted from their souls. They all looked at Abdur Rahim KHan-e-Khanan sitting once more with bowed head, hands together in his lap. He lifted his head again and said: “Friends, there is another way to look at the dream. Let us regard the fire that you saw in your dream as the fire of love; then we understand that Krishna, being the archetype of perfection in love, should be in the centre of that fire, and Ram, being yet a novice and a seeker, was still standing outside the fire”.

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    KGN Bismillah,
    Thanks for this post cupbearer!
    Pls permit me to express myself and hope its appropriate.

    Krishna source of ethernal bliss,
    Cupbearer is the one I truly miss,
    A veil separates us, wish to dismiss.
    Cupbearer’s lotus feet long to kiss.

    O Yeh why you worry Sufi seeker?
    Cupbearer hides within you,feel better,
    He & Me are no separate,
    Worship Him,better now than late.
    You shall find me in Him,
    His blessing you feel don’t be grim,
    At cupbearer’s lotus feet,you bow,
    Never to leave His robe you vow.

    O Rama I feel devotion for thee,
    Yet it’s the Cupbearer, I seek,
    This fire of Love in me ignities,
    Cupbearer showers heavenly lights.

    O Yeh it’s true my dear devotee,
    In cupbearer’s care remain carefree,
    Be faithful & have perseverance,
    Run not to people for any reference.
    Stay in thy dignity O devotee,
    Cupbearer shall shade you like a tree.

    O *Muhammed born from God’s light,
    Have mercy on my plight,
    I plead guilty,tell Almighty,
    In Sufi tavern admit me wisely.

    Fear not O my dear Lover,
    Cupbearer to you is indeed dear,
    Chant ‘ Ar Rahaman’ all time,
    Cupbearer’s tavern has no downtime.

    Krishna source of ethernal bliss,
    Cupbearer is the one I truly miss….

    * (PBUH).


  2. KgnReshma says:

    Today is Krishna’s i.e. the supreme Spiritual guide of Arjuna’s birth anniversary.
    At times this humble finds it difficult to differentiate between the spiritual guide of Arjuna & the dervish of this tavern, this being the writer’s personal perception mind you! And Heart rejoices in praising the two: Arjuna’s Lord Krishna & the Cupbearer of this intoxicating tavern……….

    It was sai d “You belong to Krishna”,
    So to Krishna we marched.
    Behold what a sight to see!
    Cupbearer’s imprint follows,
    Wherever Krishna’s footsteps are seen!

    O Yeh, Krishna’s eyes are akin to Cupbearer’s eyes,
    Both are playful & naturally wise.
    “No one wins in war” by both is told,
    Yet duties to perform is valuable than gold.
    A guide as lovely as THEM is found,
    In east or west, world is always round!

    Krishna’s lotus feet appear like His,
    Both teach disciples & take their quiz.
    Almighty, let devotees pass their master’s exams,
    Pray make some way in life’s traffic jams.

    Krishna & Cupbearer differ in skin,
    One is black other is white, both appear as twin.
    A mischievous smile houses their chin,
    Is their one glance a situation of Win-Win?

    Krishna’s sweet melody echoes over the hills,
    While Cupbearer pulls us out, of depressing drills.
    Happy feet dance to tunes of their flutes,
    “Do services while expect no special fruits”.

    O Yeh Krishna’s hand carries a wheel,
    Cupbearer with thy love this lips thou seal.
    Sorrows from our lives thou surely peel,
    At thy lotus feet devotees forever kneel.

    And all Praise is reserved for the Divine Creator alone…………

  3. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillah KGN,
    Well this Seeker respects Muhammad (SA.W), Rama & Krishna & let’s sing a song for Peace…….

    O Soul, where is Ram & where is Rahim?
    Both represent the same God ‘Al-Kareem’.
    Why fuss over Temple & Mosque?
    Just serve the Poor at all cost.

    O Yeh Men set aside thy differences,
    Flee from Kings, solve religious discrepancies.
    Where’s time to fight & argue?
    Animals too behave better than you.

    Has Ram wished for a temple?
    Destroying Mosque will set a bad example.
    Why compromise on peace & tranquility?
    Ponder on Sultan-Ul-Hind’s secular dignity.

    Live & let live, bygone is a big mystery,
    Pray try not to dig out Babur’s history.
    World’s marched ahead in astronomy,
    Try & understand tyrant King’s psychology.

    Learn & grow, educate every poor soul,
    Why do Kings shy from such a noble goal?
    Now Rise & Shine O Worldly men,
    Feed the poor while Sufis count 1 to 10.
    O Soul, where is Ram & where is Rahim?
    Both represent the same God ‘Al-Kareem’…………

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