The Dream

A visitor came to a Chishti pir. This visitor wanted to demonstrate his own knowledge of the Qur’an and intended to overpower the Chishti pir in a debate. When he entered, the Chishti pir took the initiative however and mentioned Yusuf and the dreams he has had according to the Qur’an. He then suddenly turned to his visitor and asked him if he could tell him about a dream, so that the visitor may give his interpretation thereof. After receiving permission the Sufi told that he has had a dream and both of them were in it. The Chishti pir then went on by describing the following dream event: “I saw your hand immersed in a jar of honey, while my hand was immersed in the latrine”.

The visitor hastened to interpret: “It is quite obvious! You are immersed in wrong pursuits whereas I am leading a righteous life”.

“But’, the Sufi said, “there is more to the dream”. The visitor asked him to continue. The Chishti pir then went on by telling this: “You were licking my hand and I was licking yours”.

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    KGN Bismillah,
    Thanks a Million for this remarkable Post.
    It reminds me of Sayings of Chishti Pir ‘Sahib al Taj’, the spiritual guide of a divine Dervish.

    “Achievement breeds in right useage.
    Fight not for many a trivial things,
    Real fight is for happiness & peace.
    Happiness again isn’t a pleasure & joy,
    It Comprises of Achievements oh lady & boy!

    Friendship may or may not be divine,
    But to have it,is no doubt fine.
    Without adjustments & understanding,
    Oh lord would it have any standing?

    A friend is the one who shares,
    Hopes & frustrations,dreams & nightmares.
    Beware world isn’t a faithful friend,
    Exhibit loyalty to Cupbearer,
    Extol Him too in daily life,
    Obey Him,be faithful & blend.

    Fault finding is not the object of tavern,
    While to forget is better than to forgive.
    Do you wish Sufi affiliation with some Order?
    First practice its tenets, cultivate its qualities without crossing border.

    The Truth need not be tarnished in arguments,
    In kind looks of Cupbearer,
    Alone lies peace & happiness.
    In mysticism we find peace & security,
    Peace comes not by striving,
    By surrendering to Him,
    Is the Chishti Pir’s Surety.”


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