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A man once asked Abe Lincoln what should be engraved on a honorary plaque for his office. He wanted Lincoln to furnish words of wisdom that would be helpful in all circumstances. Lincoln thought about it for a while, then said: “This too shall pass!”

You know that these words are in fact the advice given by shaykh Fariduddin ‘Attar in Persian:

In ham migozarad

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillah KGN,
    1.I owe a lot to Hz Farid-ud-din Attar the Persian mystic poet of the 12th century.
    2.The phrase “This too shall pass!” is very dear to my heart. I found this Tavern while searching the origin of this phrase incidentally hitting the dessert of quite Tavern & thus quenching my thirst at the hands of my Alchemist.
    3.Dare to whisper the below words to the Cupbearer & His life partner?

    ‘Your company is sweet as you are sweet.’………….. Chishti Peer.

    4.Paying attention to Hz Attar, I hold him in high esteem for his mind blowing composition ‘The Conference of the Birds’. Every seeker on the path of Sufism ought to read this book for sure & listen to One & Only One Hoopoe (Murshid).
    5.In the end I fiddle with my keyboard to type a silly poem, nowhere near the Sufi standards really!

    Break free the chain of prison,
    Fly high with least expectation.
    Do not visit the King’s court, O soul,
    Lord King’s love, be thy sole goal.

    Birds of fair weather come & go,
    Cupbearer seldom abandon’s thee, do you know?
    With high spirits spread thy wings & fly,
    To worries it’s time to say goodbye.

    Festivity is in the air,
    Time to celebrate & share.
    Celebrating Diwali in Ajmer Sharif?
    Khawaja Moinuddin (R.A) is of Muslim belief.

    Moin (R.A) is dear as always,
    The heart in His love is ablaze.
    His abode destroys any religious pride,
    Moin bestows on me, the wittiest & kindest guide.

    Sufis have taught me to bow & row,
    At Lord’s feet to plead & vow.
    Lord being thy lone helper,
    The sole provider, of food & shelter.

    This soul is fearless & free,
    Jinn & Evil please hide or flee.
    Cupbearer admits Courageous souls,
    Hearts with Lord’s aim & clear goals.

    Find the purpose & go,
    Agree thy pace is slow.
    Hold on to Cupbearer fearlessly,
    Dissolve all disputes religiously.
    Break free the chain of prison,
    Fly high with least expectation…………


  2. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillah KGN,
    Why would you want to pick a whole bunch of roses?
    Just pick a single rosebud.
    A rose lasts five or six days,
    While my rose garden always stays nice.

    Poem by Shaikh Abu-Said, penned down by Cupbearer of this TAVERN.


    In the garden of roses you stroll,
    Beloved meditates with a goal.
    You rush to see Him there,
    & faint in steps due to His glare.

    He wakes you up from the dream,
    Looks at you with eyes dark & grim.
    “What have you done to yourself?
    First understand & kill the Self”.

    You know not what self is,
    Listen to the words of His.
    All you do is writing for Him,
    Hide thy grief, hopes are dim.

    “Why worry so much, dear devotee?
    Let’s have a chat over a cup of Tea.
    Remember Baba Farid & what He said,
    To grief the world, is truly Wed.”

    “So Rise & Shine, drink my refined Wine,
    ‘This too shall pass’; thou shall be truly fine.
    Pick up one rose from the bunch,
    Whilst life gives you a deadly punch.”

    “I, thy Master be assured O Seeker,
    Follow my advice to be a Winner.
    Grief shall come time & again,
    Worry not for either loss or gain.”

    “Everything is temporary,
    Stay calm whilst things get scary.
    Talk less pay heed to my guidance,
    Eat less, observe some silence.”

    ‘This too shall pass’ says Attar & guide,
    From problems don’t shy & hide.
    One day everything shall be set,
    God is watching you, take some rest.
    In the garden of roses you stroll,
    Beloved meditates with a goal……………

    PS:-Pls overlook my poor English.

    Thank You!

  3. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillah KGN,
    O Attar, billion Salaams to thee,
    Thou conveyed His message to me.
    Humbly accept my sincere gratitude,
    Pray, to me Master be kind, not rude.

    Lincoln so great & wise chose thy sign,
    ‘This too shall pass’, he drank thy wine?
    For every scoundrel there is a hero,
    Lincoln reduced slavery to a digit zero.

    O Master Hope & light of my life,
    Thou tear my heart with a knife.
    Million Salaams to thee my dear,
    We physically far, spiritually near.

    Many tales I read of beloved & lover,
    Hz. Attar’s book has a beautiful cover.
    His tales akin to experiences so real.
    Bring tears in eyes O my beloved ideal.

    Story of Majnu’s search in dust for Leila,
    His disguise in sheep’s skin, visiting her Villa.
    Had laughed whence you first mention this duo.
    Long back, Sufi song matched thy story, you know?

    O Murshid thou forgot everything,
    Open thy door else I shall be extinct.
    Digital cloud poses to be our enemy,
    It comes in the way of thy devotee.

    My Shaykh O master so pure & clean,
    In writer the Dervish is veiled, unseen.
    Inward eye spills the beans & discovers,
    Power of dervish, as heart & mind recovers.
    O Master Hope & light of my life,
    Thou tear my heart with a knife………….

    O, God! Cause me to reach the Friend
    Sympathetic & sane,
    And cause to reach up to him my voice,
    The voice of pain;
    The one,
    In separation from whom I am sorry & sad,
    Cause him to reach me
    And me to reach him again.

    Voice speaks from the book ‘Abu Said Abi-I-Khair & his Rubaiyat’ by Dr Zahurul Hassan Sharib.


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