Some travellers arrived at the grave of Hatim Tai, a man who was famous because of his generosity. Nothing happened and they became a little bored.

One of them even fell asleep. When he woke up he told the others that he had seen Hatim Tai who told him to slaughter one of their own camels and eat it in his name. This they did, but they thought it to be a strange kind of generosity.

In the morning, however, the son of Hatim Tai came and presented them with two camels. He had seen his father in a dream, who told him to present two camels to the travellers who stayed near his grave, as a compensation for the loss of their camel.

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillah KGN,

    Thank you for this Post Dervish. In this Path of Sufism it’s a wonder how many a miser souls learn to share little if not more of what they have with the less privileged beings. Thanks to the Sufi Teachings.

    And If One remembers himself/herself the old saying “You can’t take it with you!” — Then you won’t end up acting stingy like a miser, he/she shall practice generosity for sure.

    Generosity & The Rose of Baghdad!

    Ghous Ul Azam Piran-e-Pir’s Generosity knew no bounds. Once, he saw a poor man who appeared to be sorry & sad. He enquired about his condition. He replied, “I want to go across the river, but, I have nothing to pay to the boatman.”

    At that time, a certain person had offered to Ghous Ul Azam a purse full of guineas, coins he said to him:-
    “Take it, & give it to the boatman, & convey to him, that, he is paid fare of many coming days. In future, if any poor & needy may come there, he should get him across the river without charging fare.”

    O My master, Seeker truly respects thee,
    Thy divine light, this soul failed to see.
    Repentance being the sword,
    Thy teachings be implemented & restored.
    Seeker Respects thy Prophet (PBUH),
    Also the Sacred Wine held in thy goblet.

    Chop-Chop, chop the branches of the tree of Sin,
    Carnal self being the worst enemy thou ought to win.
    Rely not on people O Seeker,
    Rely upon God for His Grace & Pleasure!

    Charter no plans of thy own,
    Accept divine plan in stored.
    God is Omnipotent without a partner,
    Sustenance attributes to Divine Gardner.
    For Wise entrusts himself in God,
    Divine Will being the canopy for all.

    O Seeker thou an infant in lap of the mother,
    Or in the care of the nurse O my dear.
    O Seeker thou a dead man at mercy of His grace,
    Deprived of life, authority, power in the Salvation race.

    Implement Sufi teachings O Soul impure,
    Cupbearer says this for malaise to cure.
    Chop-Chop, chop the branches of the tree of Sin,
    Carnal self being the worst enemy thou ought to win……

    The Persian Rose blooms spreading its fragrance across the globe from ‘GHOUS-UL-AZAM PIRAN-E-PIR’ by Hazrat Dr. Zahurul Hassan Sharib Gudri Shah Baba IV.

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