Sufi concept: Friday – Prophet Joseph


Shaykh Ibn al-‘Arabi tells us, that for every day there is a prophet from among the prophets, from whom descends a secret upon the heart of the verifying witness, a secret in which you takes delight during your day and by which you know something of that which requires to be known. This only happens to those who possess a heart.

Day 6: Friday
If your day is Friday, then Joseph, possessor of the qualities of the passionate beloved, is your companion. On Friday it is Joseph who addresses you with a secret by which you come to know the mysteries of constant ascension through the stations, the divine decree and where it is established.


Arabic: al-juma
Divine attribute: Knowing
Prophet: Joseph
Planet (Arabic): al-zuhara
| Planet: Venus
Creating divine name: al-Musawwir
Prayer: Maghrib (sunset)
Constellation (Arabic): Ghafr
Constellation: Cover
Heaven: Third
Earthly region: Fifth
Arabic letter: Râ


Friday is a special day: Our souls received its secrets from our Lord on this day. The motion of Friday came into being through the divine attribute of knowledge, so there is no part of the world but that it knows the One Who gave it existence.

Venus is the second sphere of the heavens from the Earth and this heaven was brought into existence by the self-disclosure of the divine name al-Musawwir, the Designer. God created this heaven, its planet Venus, the Day of Gathering (Friday) and the letter râ’ in the lunar mansion of the constellation Ghafr, which is the 15 th station out of the 28 stations of the Moon and He made it a place for the prophet Joseph.

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillaha KGN,
    O this is Friday today,
    Prophet *Yusuf’s day.
    Attar’s tale does reflect,
    Yusuf’s ability to inspect.
    Dreams of folks, prediction,
    Narrating dreams, creates friction?

    Master my spiritual guide,
    For a change take my side.
    Me ready to change master,
    O how to get purified faster?

    Today wish to hear thou speak,
    Away from thee, feel so weak.
    It’s a special day O my Dervish,
    “Happiness to me”, pray you wish.

    All that I learnt from thee so wise,
    Shall implement & shan’t tell lies.
    You taught us to be a contributor of society,
    Discard popularity, embrace piety & sobriety.

    O Sufi my Dervish my dearest Shaykh,
    I wish to present thee a lovely cake.
    At Dargah Shariff of Chirag Dehlavi,
    Pray to end this separation & misery.

    Don’t go; don’t leave me master so soon,
    At thy door, I patiently wait for the Moon.
    Whence you appear, that day shall be Eid,
    Aren’t you my purest & dearest Murshid?

    *Yūsuf ibn Yaʿqūb ibn Is-ḥāq ibn Ibrāhīm (Arabic: يُـوسـف ابـن يَـعـقـوب ابـن إِسـحـاق ابـن إِبـراهـيـم‎) is a Nabi (Arabic: نَـبِي‎, Prophet) mentioned in the Qurʾān, the scripture of Islam,[1] and corresponds to Joseph (son of Jacob)-Wikipedia.

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