I am an Unbeliever of Love

Aql âmad dîn u dunyâ shud kharâb
‘Ishq âmad har du ‘âlam kâm-yâb

Reason entered, and religion and planet were ruined.
Love entered, and both these worlds were saved.

Kâfir-i-‘ishq-am musalmânî marâ dar kâr nîst
Har rag-i-man târ gashta hâjat-i-zunnâr nîst

I am an unbeliever of love; I have no use for Islam.
Every vein of me has become a thread: I don’t need a religious belt.

Mâ gharîbân râ tamâshâ-i-chaman dar kâr nîst
Dâgh-hâ-yi-sîna-yi-mâ kamtar zi gulzâr nîst

Strangers like us have no use for a walk in the garden.
The scars on my heart are nothing less than a rose garden.

Shâd bâsh ai dil ki fardâ bar sar-i-bâzâr-i-‘ishq
Wa’da-yi-qatl ast garchi wa’da-yi-dîdâr nîst

Rejoice, o heart! Tomorrow at the gate of love’s market,
There’ll be the promise of death, but no promise of a glance.

Nâ khudâ dar kashtî-yi-mâ gar na bâshad gû ma-bâsh
Tâ khudâ dâram-i-u mâ-râ nâ khudâ dar kâr nîst

If there is no pilot on our ship, then leave it as it is,
As long as God is aboard, there is for us no need for a pilot.

Ai sar-i-bâlîn-i-man bar-khēz ai nâdân tabîb
Dardmand-i-‘ishq râ tâ rûh ba-jism dîdâr nîst

Get up from the pillow of my bed, O you ignorant doctor!
here’ll be the pain of love till the moment that my spirit leaves the body.

Khalq mîgûyad ki khusraw but-parastî mîkunad
Ârî ârî mîkunam bâ khalq u ‘âlam kâr nîst

People claim that Khusraw worships idols: Yes, yes, I do!
But why should I care about what worldly people say?

NB: Hz. Amîr Khusraw has moved beyond fake expressions of faith and unbelief. A kâfir [translated as ‘unbeliever’] is in fact a person who covers something up, in this case unreality. Hz. Amîr Khusraw has received something very precious: Divine love!

N.B.: Khwâja Mu’înuddîn Chishtî, the spiritual ancestor of Hz. Amîr Khusraw, was called Gharîb Nawâz, the ‘Cherisher of the Strangers.’ Those who try to open up to Reality as it really is, are seen as outsiders to ‘normal’ society.

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    KGN, Haji Malang Baba, Nasiruddin Baba- Salaam;

    I am a kafir, to which religion I belong?
    Blood cries out ” Wish to hear Shaykh Mohammad’s(R.A) song”.

    Kafir knows not the path to garden🏡,
    Scar on thy heart, being my burden.

    Rejoicing in lover’s market is heartening,
    Death before thy glance shall be disgusting🤢.

    Without a pilot sailing in a ship ⛵,
    Beloved as guide to this black sheep🐑.

    Doctor canst clear such serious illness 😷💊💉,
    Pain of love is better than wellness.

    Kafir worships the mystic Shaykh Siraj (R.A): Yes I do!
    Let the idol worshippers arrest me & Sue.

    ………x…………x………..x……..x………x……… x……..

    A candle gives light to others, while the candle burns itself out!

    1]Isma’il from Ankara is also a fan of good light.

    2]This Sufi lived about three centuries ago. He loved to study and was a real bookworm.

    3]Sometimes life can be hard, because he slowly lost sight in his eyes.

    5]At a certain moment he met a Sufi teacher who was able to heal his blindness and also ignite his inner light.

    6] Isma’il has subsequently become an important shaykh in Istanbul. He has not had it easy.

    7]Shaykh Isma’il has written a wonderful and important commentary on the Masnavi of Mawlana Roemi.

    8]He not only explained the well-known 6 parts of the Masnavi, but that he also believed that the seventh part was by Mawlana Rumi.   9]Most Mevlevis believe that the seventh part is written by someone other than Mawlana Rumi.

    10]Some have attacked Shaykh Isma’il without mercy.

    11]There are always people who cannot distinguish between main and side issues.

    12]However, Shaykh Isma’il has retained the experience behind his following poem:  

    “Wherever we walked, it remained Your street.

    Wherever we turned, Your name remained ready.

    We thought: “There must be a way that will lead us away, so far away from you!”

    But every way that we found was a way that let us go to you.   ”

    Een derwisj is een vriend van God en een vriend van een vriend is een vriend, dus waarom word je geen vriend van een derwisj?

    As narrated by ‘ Shaykh Siraj ‘.

    Thank You! 🙏

  2. KgnReshma says:

    KGN,Malang Baba,Nasiruddin Baba,Siraj Baba,

    Liefde (Love)

    O this liefde, for God pours in,
    Result of treading in Tavern inn.
    This liefde for Krishna by default increases,
    Liefde for Ahmed (PBUH) seldom decreases.

    The liefde for God’s creation does exist,
    Liefde for folks without homes persist.
    Bread to share, a home to call their own,
    Let our hearts become soft, nay like stone.

    O this liefde for the nation of Windmills,
    In support of Feyenood hear my scream.
    Liefde for Beloved flows in every Vein,
    His Moon-like face appears in each grain.

    O Yeh Liefde knows no face, figure or race,
    It rests in heart with God’s approval & grace.
    For God alone knows, devotee a lover or not,
    Acute Pain, separation to be me has brought.
    O this liefde, for Master & God pours in,
    Moersjid in game of liefde, I lose you win!

    Dank je, Goede dag.

  3. KgnReshma says:

    From the collected work of ‘Omar ‘the poem “Once”:

    My gift is limited my voice is not loud,
    But I live and on this earth,
    Does my existence have value?
    For someone who looks forward to kinship,
    Through my verse how I know this, my mind;
    Will find in a different echo,
    The friendship between the unified,
    I find again who reads me later.

    Shaykh M.Siraj [Feb 24, 2010]

    KGN,Haji Malang Baba,Nasiruddin Baba,Siraj Baba,

    You have a gift Omar, in poems you wrote,
    But I live on earth practically unknown,
    Does this existence hold any value I ask?
    I look forward to kinship with my Beloved,
    Through His articles I know this, my heart;
    Shall transverse in a different zone,
    The friendship between the unified,
    I find again, the moment His articles are seized!


  4. KgnReshma says:

    KGN,Haji Malang Baba,Nasiruddin Baba,Siraj Baba.


    Ishq is Divine,
    Drink His Wine.
    Say No to Pride,
    Charity done, Hide.

    Ishq is Divine,
    Choose Middle line. (Moderation)
    Discretion is best,
    In East and West.

    Ishq is Divine,
    Master, always right.
    In doubt or Confuse,
    Silence need to Use.

    Ishq is Divine,
    Anonymity is fine.
    Sufis hate Show,
    At His feet, fall & bow.

    Ishq is Divine,
    Meditating, good sign.
    This Path demands Sacrifice,
    Speech wishes to be Quite.

    Thank You!

  5. KgnReshma says:

    KGN,Haji Malang Baba,Nasiruddin Baba,Siraj Baba.

    1] Amir Khusraw writes these beautiful rules about the divorce:

    Abr miebaarad-o man miesjawam yaar djodaa
    Choen konam del betsjonien roez ze deldaar djodaa
    Abr-o baran-o man-o yaar setaada boedaa’
    Man djodaa keria konaan, abr djodaa, yaar djodaa
    Sabza naw-khiez-o hawaa chorram-o bostaan-e sarsabz
    Bolbol-e-roeye-sieyah maanda ze golzaar djodaa
    Ay maraa dar tahe har moei ze zolfat-e bandie
    Tsje konie band ze bandam hama yakbaar djodaa.

    Rain falls out of the cloud and I am separated from the Friend.
    How can my heart be separated from the Friend on such a day?
    The cloud, the rain, I … and the Friend taken away.
    I am alone, crying, the cloud is alone and the Friend is alone.
    Green plants, just emerged, a cheerful atmosphere, a green garden.
    The embarrassed nightingale remains separate from the garden.
    Oh, what are You doing to me with Your hair stuck in a strand?
    I’m stuck, chained, and suddenly alone.

    2] Explanation:-The Divine keeps hidden from the seeker, the nightingale.

    2.1 The nightingale cannot see the Beloved and is therefore frustrated in its search.

    2.2 The other symbol refers to experiencing the limitations and bondage of separation with God. The seeker does not experience unity with the Beloved, but only experiences the worldly diversity. If the hair of the Beloved were to be loosened, a perfume would spread as a promise of unity.

    2.3 Sorry, the explanation is boring,in technical terms. For that reason, Amir Khosraw did not write a manual of Sufism, but a collection of poems. It is not always necessary to explain a poem. The above, somewhat ‘technical’ explanation is similar to the boy who caught a mosquito and started to decompose the mosquito into its components. At one point he had some loose parts of the mosquito in his hands, but where had the mosquito gone?

    Shaykh Siraj [Jul 31, 2004]

    O Cupbearer cast here a glance,
    Thou hast taken Soul by storm.
    Separation deprives me of sleep,
    Thou art my imaginary dream,

    O Beloved thou art so cruel,
    Tears hast made a lasting pool.
    Of no interest is this world to me,
    Seeing my pathetic sight Folks flee.

    Countless silly poems make & write,
    O Beloved, please nay stay quite.
    Master of Hearts, dearest of all,
    In front of thee, soul feels small.

    These days in dreams I draft a Rhyme,
    Thy love makes this Seeker turn blind,
    In this life,hereafter it’s Thee to God I ask,
    Blame not me, pray take thy Lord to task.
    Cause Separation deprives me of sleep,
    And Thou art my imaginary dream.

    Thank You!

  6. KgnReshma says:

    KGN, Haji Malang baba, Nasiruddin Baba, Siraj Baba [Alam Nawaz]


    Sometimes it is necessary to show courage, for example when it comes to confessing your love.

    Sometimes you have to pay the price of that love. Sensitivity, pain, but also joy, great happiness, all things that do not fit in a gray and lukewarm life, a life that pushes the edges of your existence.

    But there is also a need for balance. Extremes in your behavior can come from the stimuli of advertising. You believe you have to live a certain lifestyle. Every minute MUST be filled with sound, images … You have to have experiences, and always different experiences of course.
    Old friends are less interesting than new friends. Living cool means looking for risks, going to the edge, at least if you believe the endearing language of your environment that says you can ONLY be happy if you go to the edge. Do you still consider others in the latter life? You lose your balance and can therefore no longer mean anything to others. Service is not in your vocabulary. Your behavior is dictated by your ego. But yes: synergy….

    Synergy can also be negative synergy: 1 + 1 then becomes not three, but 0.

    Do I need to say more?
    Can’t tell
    Won’t tell
    Afraid to be a bore:

    Source Shaykh M.Siraj Aug 30, 2004

    That day whence I lost you,
    Charity got the better of me.
    Why did Sharib love you?
    Me, intoxicated by thy Tree.

    Year after year I, eagerly wait,
    Love is Silent the Sufis claim.
    Life without Thee canst be great,
    Unable to hear Thee, What a Shame!

    That day whence I lost you,
    That was the End of ‘I’ & ‘Me’.
    Frequently sick, I get a Flue.
    Unheard on thy ears go my plea.

    Year after year I, hope to meet;
    Thee and thy flower, which in this heart dwell.
    Or search for thy friends in every street,
    Just to acquire the fragrance, of thy smell.

    That day whence I lost you,
    Marked a New Beginning.
    Lost my pride to pay old dues.
    Poor soul stands at thy door begging.

    Do I need to say more?
    Can’t tell
    Won’t tell
    Afraid to be a lover:

    Dank U.

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