Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 9


Man yaar toraa daaram o aghyaar namikhaaham
Ghair az to ke del bordi deldaar namikhaaham

You are my Friend and I don’t want any other.
You are my Beloved and I don’t want any other to capture my heart.

Khaari ke ze dard-e-to khastast maraa dar del
Man khasta-e-aan khaaram golzaar namikhaaham

A thorn of pain coming from You has wounded my heart,
But I don’t want to replace this wound by any flower.

Gar jelwa dehi bar del naqd-e-do jahaan guyam
Man ‘aasheq-e-didaaram dinaar namikhaaham

If You polish my heart, I’ll pay all the cash of both worlds for it.
I love to see You and it is money I don’t want.

Serri ke maraa baa tost baa ghair to chun guyam
To daani o man daanam ezhaar namikhaaham

Why should I reveal the secret between You and me to others?
You know it and I know it; I don’t want it to be disclosed to all.

Andar haram-e-jaanam kas raa nabuwad manzel
Ghair az to darin khalwat deyaar namikhaaham

In the sanctuary of my soul no one may stay,
Because I don’t want that anyone else but You should retire there.

Khun mikhuram az dastat o aazaar na pendaaram
Kaan khaater-e-naazok raa aazaar namikhaaham

Through Your hands I’m afflicted, but I never think of injury,
Because I don’t want to cause grief to Your tender heart.

Man baada naminawsham ammaa chu to’i saaqi
Andar tan-e-khud yak rag hoshyaar namikhaaham

I don’t drink wine unless You are the cupbearer.
I don’t want to experience a slight dash of sobriety myself.

‘Asheq ke toraa khaahad baa ghair na yaar aamad
Jannaat namijuyam wa anhaar namikhaaham

The lover who longs for You cannot have any other friend.
I don’t search for paradise and I don’t want its rivers.

Donya talabad ghaafel ‘oqbaa talabad ‘aaqel
Man ‘asheqam o bidel joz yaar namikhaaham

The ignorant desire this world and the wise seek the life to come.
I am a sad lover and I don’t want anything but the Friend.

Az hasti-ye-khod begozar begozaar mo’in afsar
Jaai ke nagonjad sar-e-dastaar namikhaaham

Give up this self-consciousness, Mo’in, give up this crown!
There is no place for it and I don’t want a turban.

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