Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 7


Aateshi afrukht ‘eshq o jesm o jaan-e-man ba-sukht
Goftam aahi bar kasham kaam o zabaan-e-man ba-sukht

Love has set on fire my body and soul, they are burning!
I’ve brought out a sigh: it has burnt up both my mouth and tongue.

Aatesh-e-dozagh nadarad taabesh-e-suz-e-feraaq
Aah az in aatesh ke paida o nehaan-e-man ba-sukht

The fire of hell is not so intense as the heat of the fire of separation.
This fire caused so much pain: it has burnt up both my body and soul.

Naar-e-dozagh gar che suzad posthaaye ‘aasiyaan
Aatesh-e-hejraanash maghz-e-ostokhwaan-e-man ba-sukht

While the fire of hell may burn the skin of the sinners,
The fire of separation from Him has burnt up the marrow of my bones.

Ne’mat-e-har do jahaan baa ‘aafiyat mikhaast del
Aatesh-e-‘eshq aamad o har do jahaan-e-man ba-sukht

My heart desired the wealth and pleasures of this world and the next,
But the fire of love has come and has burnt up both worlds for me.

Dini o ‘oqba be-raft o ‘eshq-e-mawlaa mand o bas
Satwat-e-nur-e-tajalli in o aan-e-man ba-sukht

This life’s transactions and the desires for the next life have gone and
there is nothing but the love of the Lord,
The majesty of the light of His manifestation has burnt up both this and that for me.

Ahl-e-‘oqba sud bord o taaleb-e-doniyaa ziyaan
Garmi-e-baazaar-e-u sud o ziyaan-e-man ba-sukht

Those who aim for the next life may win and seekers of this world may suffer loss,
But the intensity of His marketplace has burnt up both my profit and loss.

Teshna-e-didaar-e-yaaram dar biyaabaan-e-taleb
Kaatesh in teshnagi ruh o rawaan-e-man ba-sukht

The desire of seeing my Friend in the desert of my quest is such,
That the fire of my longing has burnt up both my spirit and soul.

Chun neshaani bi neshaani dar rah-e-gomnaami ast
Barq-e-esteghnaa’ az aan naam o neshaan-e-man ba-sukht

The sign on the path to self annihilation is the absence of signs.
The lightening of my disdain has therefore burnt up both my name and identity.

Chun ke dar meraat-e-jaan didaar-e-jaanaan shod ‘ayaan
Zolmat-e-tan dar zohur-e-nur-e-jaan-e-man ba-sukht

When I could contemplate the vision of the Beloved in the mirror of my soul,
The manifestation of the light of my soul then burnt up the darkness of my bodily existence.

Sad hazaaraan parda bud andar miyaan-e-maa o dust
Jomla az yak sho’la-e-aah o foghaan-e-man ba-sukht

There were a hundred thousand veils between me and the Friend,
But one flame of my sigh and my complaint burnt up all of them.

Gar Mo’ini pesh az in gofti ze hosnash shamma
In zamaan nur-e-rokhash sharh o bayaan-e-man ba-sukht

Before this speech Mo’in was able to describe His beauty a little,
But now the light of His face has burnt up my ability to speak clearly.

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