Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 31


This is a complete ghazal attributed to Khwâja Mu’înuddîn Chishtî:

Az matla’-yi-dil zad ‘alam yak lam’a az rukhsâr-i-û
Shud zarra zarra hastîyam dar parda-yi-anwâr-i-û

A flash of light from His face appeared in my heart:
My existence became a particle of the luminous veil of Huuu.

Bâ ânke zarrât tan-am har yak hazârân dîda shud
Yak zarra ham dîda na-shud az partaw-i-rukhsâr-i-û

Although each particle of my body manifested itself in thousands of ways,
Not one particle was illuminated, before this ray of light of the face of Huuu.

Husn-ash chû âyad jilwa-gar tâqat na-yârad chashm-i-sar
Az dîda-yi-dil kun nazar tâ bi-nigarî dîdâr-i-û

My outward eyes were incapable to see when His beauty powerfully manifested itself,
Then the eyes of my heart were opened to receive a vision of Huuu..

‘Ishq-ash nihâl-i-bâgh-i-jân mîwa wisâl-i-jâwidân
Tu bar na-khâhî khurd az ân ham u-st bar khurdâr-i-û

His love, a sapling from the soul’s garden, gave the fruit of eternal union!
Don’t eat from this fruit, because eternal life gets only bestowed by Huuu.

Be-guzar zi kuy-i-âb u gil dar raw ba-qasr-i-jân u dil
Bâ sirr-i-khud bîn muttasil sirrî ham az asrâr-i-û

Leave this bodily prison of water and clay and move to the palace of heart and soul.
Verify that your inmost self is always near these mysteries of Huuu.

‘Âshiq zi râh-i-ma’rifat be-guzashta az fa’il o sifat
Wîn ‘âqil-i-ghâfil-i-sifat sargashta dar âsâr-i-û

The lover passes beyond acts and qualities during the inward journey.
But this intellectual, who doesn’t know himself, gets bewildered by the signs of Huuu.

Izhâr husn-i-dilbarî mî-bîn zi har mah paikarî
Paidâ-st dar har mazharî ân husn u ân izhhâr-i-û

Witness the beauty of the Beloved in the face of every woman!
He can be found in the sight of that beauty and in the manifestation of Huuu.

Mansûr kai bûd ân zamân ki û râ anâ’l-haqq bar zabân
Zinhâr ghair-i-haqq madân wa yâr andar dâr-i-û

In what state was al-Hallâj at the time when he said: ‘I am the Truth!
No refuge in other than reality, seeing the Friend in the scaffold of Huuu..

Guyand yâr-i-yâr shaw tâ chand bâshî yâr-i-khud
Nai nai ki yâr-i-chîsh shaw tâ chand bâshî yâr-i-û

They said: ‘Be a friend of the Friend; how long will you only love your self?’
No, no! When you are a friend of your self, before long you’ll be a friend of Huuu.

Pur shud jahân yak-sar az û shud nîk u bad manzar az û
Mu’min az û kâfir az û dar qaid nûr u nâr-i-û

The world from beginning to end is full from Him; good and bad are aspects from Him.
The believer and the unbeliever are from Him, restrained by the light and fire of Huuu.

Khâhad kunad dar khud nazar âyina sâzad û bashar
Bâz-ash kunad zîr u zabar hairân-am andar kâr-i-û

He wished to see Himself in a mirror, so He created man.
To my bewilderment with His arm, He created superior and inferior in the work of Huuu.

Dar zulmat-i-‘âbâd-i-‘adam yak shu’la zi anwâr-i-qidam
Dar har dilî ki û zad ‘ilm az jân namûd iqrâr-i-û

In the darkness of the abode of nothingness one flash of eternal light appeared,
He gave inward knowledge to each heart about the promise of Huuu.

Tarsâ suwîyat bi-shitâfta bûyi az chalîpâ yâfta
Zulf-i-tu bar ham tâfta ân halqa-yi-zunnâr-i-û

Christians moving hastily towards the sign of the cross they’ve found,
Are in fact attracted towards Your curls that are in a circle bent as a ringlet by Huuu.

Dar parda-i-âtish makar husn-i-tu âmad jilwagar
Pîr-i-maghân kard ân nazar kas chûn kunad inkâr-i-û

Because Your beauty manifested itself behind the curtain of fire,
A glance was cast by the elder of the fire-worshippers to the one denying Huuu.

Miskîn mu’în dar yak ghazal bi-namud asrâr-i-azal
Bishnaw kalâm-i-lam-yazal dar kiswat-i-guftâr-i-u

Mu’în, the dervish, has presented in a single ghazal the secrets of eternity.
Listen to these words of eternity, clothed in the sound of Huuu

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    KGN, Malang Baba,

    Witness the beauty of Beloved,
    In the face of every woman!
    For on a cloudy day,
    A voice whispers,
    “Tell me thy religion,
    Tales of thy tradition.”

    Beloved’s religion is mine,
    In His tavern, I feel fine.
    Of this digital World,
    He, the peaceful bird.

    “Tell me more”, presses the voice,
    “Regards Lord, thou hath a choice.”
    Krishna,Ganesha or Shiva,
    Ram, Rahim or is it Kabir?

    All is ‘He’, so why to worry,
    Beloved’s stories makes ❤️ merry.
    My little knowledge, is cause of Him,
    About Moin, Nizam, Attar & Farid.

    “Burning in flames, isn’t this a shame?”
    Voice feels sorry for such a slave.
    You know not the Lover’s path,
    Annihilation in Him, reserved for special class.
    & Witness the beauty of Beloved,
    In the face of every woman!

    Thank You!

  2. KgnReshma says:

    KGN, Haji Malang Baba, Nasiruddin Baba, Siraj Baba:-
    Salaams aan iedereen,

    Pay attention to my request,
    Khwaaja Mo’ienuddin of Ajmer,
    Cast your generous gaze upon me,
    That’s how I beg you.

    1]Maybe the above sounds strange.

    2]Yet there have been countless changes in a person in the history of Sufism when a great Sufi teacher glanced at that person.

    We are called dervishes,
    Our enemy is hatred,
    We don’t let anyone hate,
    For us the world is whole.

    We don’t let anyone hate,
    And Love our enemies,
    Where we are lonely,
    We are at home there.

    As narrated by Shaykh Siraj (R.A)

    Thank You! 🙏.

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