Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 30

Here is a ghazal from the Diwaan-e-Mo’in
(Persian text: Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna):

Robud jaan o delam raa jamaal-e-naam-e-khodaa
Nawaakht teshna labaan raa zolaal-e-naam-e-khodaa

My soul and my heart have been captivated by the beauty of the name of God.
My thirsty lips have been comforted by the pure water of the name of God.

Wesaal-e-haqq talabi hamneshin naamash baash
Bebin wesaal-e-khodaa dar wesaal-e-naam-e-khodaa

If you search for union with God, be a companion of His name,
You’ll see that union with God is in union with the name of God.

Miyaan-e-esm o mosamma chu farq nist bebin
To dar tajalliye asmaa kamaal-e-naam-e-khodaa

As there is no difference between the name and the Named One,
You’ll see in the manifestation of the names the perfection of the name of God.

Yaqin badaan ke to baa haqq neshasta shab o ruz
Chu hamneshin to baashad khayaal-e-naam-e-khodaa

You can be certain of this, that you’ll sit with God day and night,
If you are constantly reflecting on the name of God.

Toraa sazad tayaraan dar fazaaye ‘aalam-e-qods
Ba-shart-e aanke beparri ba-baal-e-naam-e-khodaa

You can fly to the spacious sacred world,
If you can provide yourself with the wings of the name of God.

Chu naam-e u shenauwam gar buwad maraa sad jaan
Fedaaye ust ba-‘ezz o jalaal-e-naam-e-khodaa

When I hear the name of God, even if I’d have a hundred lives,
I’d become His devotee by the grandeur and glory of the name of God.

Mo’in ze goftan-e-naamash malul kai gardad
Ke az khodaast malaalat malaal-e-naam-e-khodaa

Mo’in why be tired of the recitation of His name?
You’d be tired of God if you’d be tired of the name of God.

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillah KGN,
    Murshid lately inspiration,
    For jotting poem is missing.
    No pain, no desperation,
    To God,nothing am asking.

    Murshid engaged in recitation,
    Of the name of Good Lord?
    He wants all to remember God,
    Before sleeping reckon The Lord.

    And we shall surely follow,
    Your advise,insults to swallow,
    Reciting Lord’s name,
    Life is but a game.

    Feels like World is a toy,
    There is neither sorrow,
    Nor the rainbow of joy.

    Its a Void world truly,
    Thee speak not really,
    Thou laugh at me slyly?

    Dervish seems mean,
    His powers are unseen,
    Of mysticism,He the Dean.

    Shaykh is stubborn,
    Made me suffer,
    Tell Him ‘ Me a human,
    And a Sinful woman’.

    Whatever, my Shaykh is best,
    Silently He conducts test,
    Incase seeker fails rise try again,
    His Doors are open for all to gain!

    Murshid engaged in recitation,
    Of the name of Good Lord?
    He wants all to remember God,
    Before sleeping reckon The Lord…..


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