Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 3


Here is a ghazal from the Diwaan-e-Mo’in
(Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna):

Aatesh-e-‘eshq-e to dar jaan-e-man oftaad konun
Raft aaraam o qaraaram hama barbaad konun

The fire of Your love has now set my heart in flames
All inward peace and stability have left me and now I’m ruined.

Aanke bar har rag-e-jaan zakhm-e-to khordam chun chang
Che ‘ajab gar konam az dast-e-to faryaad konun

Your hands have inflicted wounds on each of my arteries
Is it strange if I now cry out for help because of Your hands?

Gar che del kham-e-chaugan-e-balaa’ oftaad ast
Joz tahammol che towaan kard chu oftaad konun

Although my heart experiences the pain of the stick of affliction,
What can I do, but to endure patiently what happens to me now?

Shaah-e-‘eshq aamad o shar-e-del-e-man wiraan kard
Lek sad ganj behar zaawiya benehaad konun

The King of love came and destroyed the city of my heart,
But now I discover that in every corner He placed hundreds of treasures.

Khalq guyand ke in shahr cheraa wiraan shod
Wah ke wiraan nashod in balke shod aabaad konun

The people have explained why this city has been destroyed,
But in fact instead of being destroyed it has now been revived.

Moddati basta-ye-zendaan-e-tabi’at budam
Dast-e-ghaib aamad o bandam hama bekoshaad konun

For quite some time I was imprisoned by my selfish nature,
But a hand from the unseen has come to free me now of my chains.

Saaqi-ye-bazm-e-khodaay dar-e-maikhaana koshaad
Sad hazaaraan khom-e-khomkhaana beman daad konun

The Cupbearer of the divine banquet has opened the door of the tavern.
Just now He gave me a hundred thousand cups from His wine-vault.

Taa rokh-e-saaqi-ye-maa parda-ye-‘ezzat bardaasht
Tawr-e-hasti-ye-maraa kond ze boniyaad konun

After the unveiling of the glorious face of my Cupbearer
My present state of existence has been shaken from its foundation.

Aan hama baada az jaam-e-safaa khurda mo’in
Hamchonaan az talab-e-khish na estaad konun

Mo’in has drunk so many cups of that pure wine,
Yet even now his search will not stop.


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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Many would feel exactly the same as felt by Khwajaji in His Gazal.
    Infact am glad this poetry has been posted by the Dervish & loads of thanks to Him for the same.Dare to go a little further?……..

    KGN Bismillah,

    Dervish thy teachings so simple,
    Tears flow while ears hear a giggle.
    Mustafa asks not to quit thy Circle,
    Incase seats are full wait awhile,
    Sermons of wise yield bliss eternal.

    Suddenly the Clouds appear Clear,
    Birds sing from across the blue sphere. Streams dance in a Melody,
    Hands have opened up in Charity.

    Behold ,Flowers have bloomed,
    Amid scent of Beloved mind groomed.
    Off lately in Sky we see a Rainbow,
    VIBGYOR too reflects His shiny glow.

    Cupbearer is surely kind & beautiful,
    His stubbornness is quite playful.
    O Yeh tell no secret to this World,
    In escacy many a soul whirled.

    Tears are true companions of a Seeker, Cupbearer pours wine into a beaker.
    We write not to praise thy teachings,
    Ink of Love is held in Seeker’s writings.

    Allaha have mercy on thy Sinner!

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