Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 28

This a complete ghazal attributed to Khwâja Mu’înuddîn Chishtî:

Ba-khudâ ghayr-i-khudâ dar du jahân nîst kase
Sad dalîl-ast wale wâqif az ân nîst kase

By God, no one exists in the two worlds but God!
Countless proofs are there that He exists, but no one really knows Him.

Nukta-i-sirr-i-mahabbat chu nihân az man u tu-st
Lâ jaram dar sudad-i-sharh u bayân nîst kase

Since the subtleties of love’s secret are hidden from you and me,
No one can of course offer a clear explanation thereof.

Masnad-i-‘izzat u khalwat-gah-i-wahdat khâlîst
Az azal tâ ba abad dar khûr ân nîst kase

The seat of honour and the solitary place of unity remain empty:
From pre-eternity till post-eternity, no one is worthy to sit there.

Lâ jaram ‘âshiq u ma’shûq zi khud sâkht padîd
Tâ ki bar wai ba-juz az wai nigarân nîst kase

He manifested Himself voluntarily both as lover and Beloved,
Because of course no one but He is able to look at Himself.

În hama zamzama kaz sîna-ye-khud mî-shinawî
Tu chi gûyî ki dar în khâna nihân nîst kase

You are hearing all the time a gentle whispering in your heart,
So how can you say that no one is residing inside your heart?

Zinda-i-dil râ chi gham az raftan-i-jân rûz-i-azal
Zi ânki dil zinda ba în rûh rawân nîst kase

Our hearts became alive, because of the pain of the separation our souls experienced in pre-eternity.
No one whose heart has become alive since then, has ever lost his soul..

Jân ‘âriyat-am gar burdad ‘umr tu bâd
Ay hayât-i-dil-i-man ghair-i-tu jân nîst kase

My life would fade away, if my life would pass without You.
O, no one’s life should be like the life of my heart without You.

Da’wa-yi-‘ishq dar în ma’raka hargiz na-konad
Agar az jân u dil-i-khesh ba-jân nîst kase

The assembly of love would never have happened in this place,
If no one would have renounced their own heart and soul.

Bâr-i-‘ishq-i-tu mu’înî ba-dil o jân be-kashad
Ke hawâdâr-i-tu tanhâ ba-zabân nîst kase

Mu’în carries the burden of Your love with heart and soul,
Because no one should be Your lover only with words.


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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Salaams thank you for this post Dervish & wish to add a small poesy. Hope it goes well with Dervish’s Teachings. It’s about a doubt the student raises about the presence of God upon which symptoms crystal & clear pour out from the Devine entity clearing the Mist.

    Mystical Talk

    Heart remains blocked,
    Murshid hasn’t talked.
    Where’s God? You asked,
    Do you feel like an Outcast?

    Each time you visit,
    Moin’s abode in high spirit.
    Moin lets you in,
    Murshid permits you to enter Tavern Inn.
    Yet ungrateful devotee says,
    “Murshid has parted ways.”
    Can’t feel the God?
    Present in Murshid’s talk.

    The divine light is seen,
    In Moin’s abode everything appears green.
    Wherever present is Moin,
    Murshid’s light too is seen.
    Due to the presence of Guide,
    To be a better person you tried.
    Can’t smell the Scent of Murshid?
    What a rubbish charge sheet!

    Music is heared,
    Moin’s abode is full of herd.
    I see Murshid’s lone Harper,
    Such an enthusiastic creature.
    Guide’s blessings are around,
    Don’t act like a clown.
    Can’t you hear Harper & Murshid?
    Beloved doesn’t talk is they chargesheet.

    In spite of thy sin,
    Moin’s heart you win.
    Out of control is the nafs,
    Murshid forgives & swallows rude puffs.
    Isn’t this a blessing?
    Keep His image while meditating.
    Ah God doesn’t exist?
    Still you have found thy Murshid.
    Heart remains blocked,
    Yet Murshid has indeed talked!

    Thanking to the Dervish & the Almighty & always!

  2. KgnReshma says:


    O creator of Universe thanks immensely,
    For unveiling the secret of Cupbearer partially.
    Heaven knows which wine He pours,
    My Cup full of love overflows.
    This Lover possess least knowledge,
    Mistakes be pardon in seeker’s voyage.

    Incase writing appeals thy taste many thanks,
    Else Cupbearer has the right to reduce my ranks.
    Desire to sink in Cupbearer’s Love tank,
    Pardon the words so blunt & Frank.

    Dervish translates the secret of God,
    The gospel of Moin’s truth about Lord.
    Indeed it’s proved God exists,
    Love’s secret is tough to realize,
    This divine quality pray summarize.

    O Yeh in pain of separation heart comes alive,
    Without Cupbearer puzzle of Gnosis cannot be derived.
    Veil separates between lover & beloved,
    Pain of separation opens the inward gate.

    Indeed, life is no life without you,
    Agony of separation turns blood from red to blue.
    The act to renounce heart appears tough,
    Soul isn’t polished, it’s still rough.
    O Yeh lover carries the burden of love with heart & soul,
    Alas words to display, bleeding heart with a black mole!

    Many Thanks .

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