Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 27


This is a complete ghazal attributed to Khwâja Mo’înoddîn Cheshtî:

Az pas-e-parda jamâlî mî-nomâyad kîst ân
Ân-ke yak yak parda az rokh mî-koshâyad kîst

Who is He Who shows His beauty from behind the curtain?
Who is He Who gradually removes the veils before His face?

Tâ ba-kaî chûn ahwalân bînî lebâs-e-mokhtalef
Ân-ke har dam dar lebâsi mî-nomâyad kîst ân

How long will you, like a squint eyed person, see creation dressed only in different, unrelated forms?
Who is He Who appears all the time dressed in these outward forms?

Jâm-e-maî bar kaf nehâda ‘aks-e-khûd dîda dar ân
Har zamân dar bâda-ye-mastî mî-fezâyad kîst ân

You see yourself reflected in the glass of wine you hold in your hand,
But Who is He you see each time more and more clearly reflected in this intoxicating wine?

Man yaqîn dânam ke berûn-ast yâr az shash jehat
Ânke har dam az rah-e-dîgar âyad kîst ân

I know with certainty that the Friend is beyond the six directions,
But Who is He Who comes each time from a different road?

Dar moqâber-e-khâna-ye-’eshq az matâ’î har do kawn
Har che dîd andar kaf-e-del mî-robâyad kîst ân

The wealth of the two worlds is buried in my house of love;
Who is He Who takes away all that is seen as the scum of my heart?

Gar nadâram hîch amma ‘âsheq-e-ân delbaram
Kû dehad mar ‘âsheqân râ har che bâyad kîst ân

In case I’ve got nothing, but when I am the lover of that Beloved,
Then Who is He Who gives specially to the lovers all they need?

Chûn nagîrad zolmat-e-gham sâhat-e-del shâm-e-hejr
Ân mahi kaz borj-e-jân nâgah bar âyad kîst ân

The darkness of grief at the night of separation may envelop the innermost chamber of the heart,
But Who is He Who, like that Moon, suddenly appears in the sphere of the soul?

Gol ba-takht-e-nâz o heshmat khordagîrî mîkonad
Bolbolî kînjâ ze zabân dar-ham na-khâyad kîst ân

The rose at its seat of arrogance is a frowning critic:
Who is he, that afflicted nightingale, who – though present – is not singing?

Gar ba-sûrat hamchu bolbol mahw-e-gol gashta mo’în
Ânke dar golzâr-e-ma’nî mî-sarâyad kîst ân

If Mo’în, like that nightingale, is effaced in the form of the rose,
Then who is he who is singing in the garden of spirituality?

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Thank you Dervish for the wonderful Post .Inspires me to pen down a couplet.

    Spiritual guide’s day in Hind,
    Lovers prostrate from across,
    The river of Sindh.

    Cupbearer illuminates lover’s soul,
    Tears down the cheeks roll,
    Lover kisses the blessed dust,
    Beneath thy feet does anything rust?

    Cupbearer opens the tavern door,
    Apart Him sweet milk turns sour,
    Forgiveness is a virtue of a Momin,
    This World is but a temporary inn.

    Cupbearer Flash thy Knowledge of Light,
    Today is a heavenly night,
    Spiritual guide’s away from Hind,
    Lovers prostrate from across,
    The river of Sindh,


  2. KgnReshma says:

    Inspiration of poem derived from ‘Him’ who sings in the garden of Spirituality so also from Farid-ud-din Attar designer of ‘The Conference of the Birds’, here we begin & it’s not a matter to grin…….

    Salutations to the Cupbearer so kind,
    Decent & Elegant, Fit to preach mankind.

    Welcome to the tavern of Dervish,
    An Inn for Lovers to flourish.

    Inn being a cozy cocoon,
    Here wine is poured in night & noon.

    “Come one, Come All,
    Broken Vows? Yet Come rise, don’t fall.”

    Rumi says the above words,
    Fly high like the free birds.

    Cupbearer gives a second chance,
    Till eternity wait for His kind glance.

    Enter His tavern with clear heart,
    Else Cupbearer asks you to gracefully part.

    All types of wines are sold here,
    Wear His earning in your ear.

    Secret is held in His goblet,
    Love is served, drink each droplet.

    Tulip wine is poured, says lesson one,
    “Silence is language of God, let’s hit & run.”

    Jasmine wine says lesson two,
    “Too much enthu burns down the fuel, its true”.

    Rose wine blushes & gently says,
    “Love being subtle, Cupbearer hates friendly ways.”

    Lily wine says I see eye to eye with Rose,
    “Minus bla bla knowledge grows.”

    Says Marigold wine in Chishti color,
    “Avoid giving Cupbearer gold or dollar.

    All He likes is writings as contribution,
    Generosity for vanity is not a great solution.”

    Daffodil wine has the last say,
    “Hope for everything expect nothing, be thy way.”

    In intoxication I walk with content,
    Until next Thursday have manners, be decent.

    Trouble not the sweet Cupbearer,
    Let Him work, avoid silly blunder.

    And Come one, Come All,
    Broken Vows? Yet Come rise, don’t fall.”

    Reservation of Praise is for the creator of this Universe alone!

  3. KgnReshma says:

    KGN, Haji Malang Baba, Nasiruddin Baba- Salaam;

    In the garden of Beloved stroll,
    Roses & Jamines smilingly roll.
    Gently tread on the grass so green,
    Behold His garden, so pure & clean.

    Wind Carreses your rosy cheek,
    O look at the Parrot’s red beak!
    Cuckoo sings some rhymic tunes,
    Right from morn uptill the noon.

    A White cloud peeps in to say ‘Hello’ ,
    Shielding from Sun, to Beloved below.
    Rains pour in & touch His feet,
    Smell of mud, so fresh & sweet.

    Rush catch a glimpse of Sufi Darweesh,
    Kindness hides beneath, the strict surface.
    Loose thyself incase His glance,
    Falls on you, luck by utter chance.

    Entry to thy orchard is restricted,😂
    O Beloved ❤ remains afflicted.
    Do you know the story of Balban?
    My dear Darweesh Mohammed(r.a).

    Balban the slave very short & ugly,
    Shamsuddin refuses to buy with money.
    Aks Balban for whose sake thou bought the slaves?
    “For my own of course” replies sultan with waves.

    Says Balban “Then buy me for the sake of God”,
    King was amused & bought Him at last.
    Balban proved to be the best choice,
    Became the King & Delhi’s voice.

    O Beloved similarly choose me like Balban,
    For the love of thy Prophet Ahmed ( PBUH).
    Open the gates of thy lovely garden,
    Keep this flower🌹I beg your pardon.
    And in the garden of Beloved stroll,
    Where Roses & Jamines smilingly roll………..

    Een derwisj is een vriend van God en een vriend van een vriend is een vriend, dus waarom word je geen vriend van een derwisj?

    Thank You!

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