Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 26


Agar lebaas-e-hodusam badar koni che shawad
Maraa ze serr-e-haqiqat khabar koni che shawad

What will happen if You remove my new garment?
What will happen if You reveal to me the mysteries of reality?

Ba-ku-ye-khasta-ye-delaani ke jaan rasida ba-lab
Agar ba-rasm-e-‘eyaadat gozar koni che shawad

I am close to dying, because of my broken heart.
What will happen if You’ll visit me in order to help me?

Ke sar nehaad bar in dar ke dar koshaada na-shod
Shabi ba-sedq bar in dar ba-sar koni che shawad

I am praying at the threshold of Your door, so that it may be opened.
What will happen if I’ll stay sincerily all night at that door and You cause me to die?

Delaa jamaal-e-khodaa chashm-e-sar nami-binad
Agar ba-dida-ye-sar yak nazar koni che shawad

O heart, if with outward eyes the beauty of God cannot be seen,
What will happen if you’ll have a visionary look in your contemplation?

Gar e’tedaal-e-hawaai-ye-mahabbat-ash khaahi
Hawaai-ye-kheshtan az sar ba-dar koni che shawad

If you long to experience His love properly,
What will happen if you drive out all self-love?

Be-gu ba-‘aql ke taa chand shash jehat gardi
Jehaat raa hama zir o zabar koni che shawad

If you’d wander and search in all six directions, ask your intellect:
What will happen if all directions would be turned upside down?

Be-goftam-ash che safar-haa mo’in baraaye to kard
Begoft yak qadam az khud safar koni che shawad

I told Him: ‘Mo’in has travelled so long in search of You!’
He replied: ‘What will happen if this is but a single step away from the ego?’

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    This post of the Dervish reckons this seeker to narrate her experience.

    Scene: This Thursday a Seeker presented hereself at the Door of Sufi saint Makhdoom Ali Mahimi(1372-1431 AD;Tuglaq dynasty).
    Born to an Arab travelers from Iraq this saint settled down on one of seven island of a city.
    In His abode there is a separate entrance for ladies & gentlemen.This Thursday it took a while for women’s entrance to open for paying Salaams.Aggravated this seeker expresses herself thus …

    KGN Bismillah,

    The Door

    O Makhdoom Ali Sarkar,
    Thee are truly a guiding star.
    This eve Seeker lingered at thy door,
    Thy door was closed for few minutes more.

    Thy door like Cupbearer’s door,
    Is closed for long, my throat is soar.
    Patience left,to ladies I roared.
    “Repeat open the door & bang the door,
    Seek attention else gatekeeper,
    Shall sweetly sleep & snore.”

    “O Makhadoom open your door,
    & also that tavern’s door to the core.
    O saint humble prayers are sent,
    And for my sins I do repent.”

    Just then,O see there comes Khadim,
    Glancing at our ladies Team.
    “Pray tell me,who banged Baba’s door,
    Don’t you have any Patience in stored?
    With Adab stand at the friend’s door,
    Patience & adab lifts you off the floor.

    Embarrassed as we ladies surely were,
    Arrogance makes relations wear & tear.
    Stay in Adab practice *Sabar,
    Friend’s door shall open,
    Surely before next **Adar.

    Baba Makhdoom passes on a message,
    No door shall open without His grace.
    “O Makhdoom Ali Sarkar,
    You are truly but a guiding star.”

    **Hebrew calendar.

    Thanks to the blessings of the
    cupbearer & Almighty for the discovery of this Tavern!

  2. KgnReshma says:

    kGN Haji Malang Baba,

    What will happen if I’ll stay sincerily all night at that door and You cause me to die?
    But before this I would honestly try…….

    O Cuckoo bring me the news,
    Of my Beloved whose wise.
    He an allrounder scholar,
    A mystic in white collar.

    O Wind fetch His fragrance,
    I follow His teachings with perseverance.
    This habit of hiding is predominant,
    Sufis believe seclusion yields rich dividend.

    O Sea help me glide on thy waves,
    To meet my Beloved open thy way.
    Its been long since I lost my song,
    Only memories of the days bygone.

    O 🚴bicycle give me a ride,
    Beloved has kept me aside.
    Wish to see this cyclist Nation,
    A place where my Beloved is stationed.

    And who would help bridge this gap?
    Charity & simplicity shall help win this Chap?
    For its Beloved who gives spiritual joy,
    Makes us understand ‘ World is a Toy’!

    Thank You!

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