Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 15


Here is a ghazal from the Diwaan-e-Mo’in
(Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna):

Maa be-fekrash az behesht o hur o ghelman faareghim
Az na’im-e-har do ‘aalam be-har jaanaan faareghim

Because of my contemplation on Him I’m free of paradise and heavenly pleasures.
Because of my Beloved I’m free of the desires of both worlds.

Qut az khaan-e-kobaita ‘enda rabbi khorda aim
Aan ghezaa’ nawshida aim az aab o az naan faareghim

I’ve eaten the sweetest food from the table of the Lord;
After having digested that food I’m free of water and bread.

Tefl-e-jaan raa daaya-e-lotf azal miparwarad
Laajaram az mahd o shahd o shir o pestaan faareghim

My infant soul has been nourished by a loving fostermother in pre-eternity.
This has of course freed me from needing a breast, milk, honey and a cradle.

Maa kazaan labhaa hayaat-e-jaawedaani yaaftaim
Az talabgaari-ye-khezr o aab-e-haiwaan faareghim

Because I’ve experienced eternal life from those lips,
I have been freed from the seeking of Khidr or the water of immortality.

Hamchu laala daagh-haa bar del nehaadam taa-konun
Hamchu gol dar-baagh-e-wasl az daagh-e-hejraan faareghim

Just like the tulip has spots, I’ve had scars on my heart until now.
Just like the rose in the garden of unity, I’ve been freed from the wounds of separation.

Waa’ezaa ‘oshshaaq raa khush nist targhib-e-behesht
Maa be-didaarash ze bagh-e-khold o rezwaan faareghim

O preacher, lovers are not interested in the allurements of paradise:
Because of seeing Him I’ve been freed from the Eternal Garden and its blessings.

Taa’er-e-‘eshq-im kaz qaid-e-tebaa’ jasta-im
Daam-e-tan be-gosikhta dar daana-ye-jaan faareghim

I’m the bird of love and I’ve escaped from the chains of nature’s stamp
I’ve torn apart the net of my body and I’ve been freed from my lower self.

Maa chu birun rafta aim az tangnaa-ye-kon fakaan
Dar fazaa-e-laamakaan az zaiq-e-emkaan faareghim

Because I’ve gone beyond the restrictions of creation,
In the station beyond all stations I’ve been freed from the narrowness of unreal existence.

‘Aarefaan raa chun nazar bar ‘ain-e-ma’ruf ast o bas
Az wasaa’et dar zohur-e-nur-e-‘erfaan faareghim

The wise pay attention to the essence of knowledge and nothing more,
I’ve been freed from ordinary means because of the revelation of the light of deep inward knowledge.

Maa ke az ‘ain al-yaqin haqq-al-yaqin raa dida am
Az dalil-e-zanni o tashkik-e-borhaan faareghim

I’ve moved on from seeing with certainty to actual experience.
I’ve been freed from opinions and doubtful proofs.

Chun ke dar ghaib-e-huwiyat e’tebaar-e-ghair nist
Az zohur-e-esm dar meraat-e-a’yaan faareghim

Because duality does not exist in the invisible world of the divine essence,
I’ve been freed of manifesting my identity in the mirror of the visible world.

Har che didam baa hejaab-e-ust yaa khud ‘ain-e-ust
Laajaram az ‘eshq o ‘aql o kofr o imaan faareghim

In whatever I see, I either see Him hidden behind a veil or I see His essential Self,
I have of course been freed from love, intellect, unbelief and faith.

Maa be poshti garm baazaar-e-amaanat mikasham
Waz zalumi o jahulihhaa-ye-ensaan faareghim

I’m carrying His trust acquired with His ardent support in this marketplace.
I’ve been freed of the cruelty and ignorance of human beings.

Chun ke soltaan-e-jahaan dar hokm o dar farmaan-e-maa-st
Az gazand-e-haajeb o tahdid-e-darbaan faareghim

Because the king of the world is under my command,
I’ve been freed from the injuries of his chamberlain and the threats of his porter.

Haajebi andar miyaan-e-‘aasheq o ma’shuq nist
Maa be-jaanaan waaselim o az raqibaan faareghim

There is no intermediary between lover and Beloved
I’ve been freed from rivals by experiencing union with my Beloved.

Dar malaamat raw mo’in khalq aanche khaahad gu be-gu
Maa konun az madh o qadh-e-jomla-ye-khalqaan faareghim

Follow the path of blame, Mo’in and let the people say what they want.
I’ve now been freed from the praise or condemnation of all the people.

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    Bismillah KGN,
    To Cupbearer and His dear One;

    East is East & West is West,
    The two came closer,
    Embraced and met.

    Stay in this quite Tavern,
    Walk on its soft sand.
    Feel the breeze flowing by,
    Singing to thee saying ‘Hi.’

    Birds gather,silently fly,
    Follow Hoopoe say ‘Don’t cry.’
    Hoopoe commands,birds obye,
    Heads bow down, poverty to display.

    Dark clouds gather,
    Lightning doesn’t matter.
    Seeker Thou aren’t witty,
    Dimisssed by His committee?

    No one’s here to judge thee, Birdy,
    Its just thee & Hopooe,why worry?
    What’s love for jokers & clowns?
    Drink His wine served in rounds.
    For East is East & West is West,
    The two came closer,
    Embraced and met.

    With Love O my Shaykh!!!!!

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