Diwaan-e-Mo’in: Ghazal 11


Gar pardahaaye aab o gel az jaan o del yaksu shawad 
Az keswat-e-har zarra mehr-e-degar birun shawad

If the veil of the body would be pushed aside from heart and soul,
From the outer cover of each atom a different sun would then emerge.

Har kas ke andar sayr-e-u haqq bud qasd-e-tayr-e-u Yaabad 
wesaal-e-ghayr-e-u az zakhm-e-hejraan khun shawad

Every traveller towards Him has the right to desire to make speedy progress towards Him, But if he’d find himself in the company of others, then blood will come out from the wound of separation from Him.

Har taalebi kaan jaa ze jaan baa ‘aasheqaan shod ham ‘eyaan Aanjaa borad guy az miyaan bar molk-e-afridun shawad

Every seeker who together with other lovers whole-heartedly
is absorbed in contemplation,
Will soon outstrip them and will enter the kingdom of God.

Sair-e-boraaq-e-‘aasheqaan dar-ham nawardad aasmaan Bar ham zanad kawn o makaan taa hazrat-e-bichun shawad

The steed of the lover travels beyond the firmament,
Confusing the two worlds till he reaches the Ineffable Presence.

Emruz man bar buye u sargashta am dar kuye u 
Fardaa ke binam ruye u daani ke haalam chun shawad

I am bewildered today because of searching Him in His path:
Just imagine what will be my state tomorrow when seeing His face?

Buye ze khom-e-wahdatash maaraa ze maa bigaana kard 
Yaa rabb ke maanad aashnaa ruzike may afzun shawad

I am no longer a stranger, because of the fragrance of the wine of union with Him.
O Lord! What will happen to Your friend on the day that there’ll be plenty of wine?

Har kas khurad ratl-e-geraan laabod shawad serrash ‘ayaan
Asraar-e-wahdat aan zamaan dar sina kay maknun shawad

Everyone who drinks this strong wine will of course become aware of His mysteries:
How can at such a moment the secrets of unity remain hidden from you in your heart?

Man mast aan paymaana am waz buye u diwaana am
Layla agar hamkhaana am gardad chu man majnun shawad

The wine from this cup has made me drunk and His perfume has made me mad.
When Layla would become my companion, I’d turn into Majnun.

U saaqi o mastash manam paymaana dar dastash manam
Dar way negaahi mikonam taa kay rokhash golgun shawad

He pours the wine and He makes me drunk as I’m the cup in His hands.
I keep on looking at Him untill His face starts blushing.

Ma’shuq-e-maa ‘aasheq shawad ‘aasheq be-ma’shuqi rasad
U chun suye ‘aasheq rawad hangaam-e-naaz aknun shawad

My Beloved becomes my lover and I, the lover, become the beloved.
It is now the time for amorous playfulness, while He is the lover.

Meskin Mo’in taa konun dar shaam-e-gham maanad zabun
Ay maah agar aayi berun astaarash maymun shawad

How long poor Mo’in will remain helpless in this sad evening?
O Beloved! If you remove Your veils I’ll be happy.

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  1. KgnReshma says:

    KGN, Haji Malang Baba, Nasiruddin Baba,Siraj Baba:-

    Poor devotee don’t be sad,
    Beloved has made you mad.
    Just glance at the regenboog🌈 ,
    In His Tavern religiously bow.

    Somewhere over the regenboog🌈,
    Sun ☀ smiles, drizzle says Hallo.
    Sunshine greets rich & poor alike,
    Clouds of joy brush duff & wise.

    Heart rejoices with sound of muziek,
    With happy feet dances the Tulip.
    Sufis whirling in passionate longing,
    Whispering Shams in ears of Rumi.

    Somewhere in the bright stars 🌟,
    Behold the Beloved in lovers bazaar.
    Silently plucking the True Lovers,
    🌹Flowers, rich of varying colors.

    Heart sticks to mystic bonding,
    Influence of Sufis,quite interesting.
    Magnet deployed in their very souls,
    Respect covers, heads with stoles.

    Somewhere over the regenboog 🌈,
    How much this soul wishes to fly ✈?
    Meet the Beloved & wish Him ‘Hoi’,
    Beloved hurriedly says ‘GoodBye’.

    Erg bedankt🙏 !

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